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Human beings are running away like directionless animals, despite having all the means to live a good life. When you are going through such a direction in life, then the one who shows you the right direction by holding your hand is a mentor. There are many such difficult moments in life when you feel the need for the knowledge of a very experienced and knowledgeable person and with his guidance, your deteriorating work also becomes. 

That person can be your friend, father, mother, teacher, or any cousin, but the moment he solves your problem by giving you the right advice or knowledge, he becomes your mentor. A mentor is such a divine personality in your life who never leaves your side and whenever you are in any dilemma and expect guidance or help from him, you get a lot of help and guidance from him. Even institute ERP states that apart from tutor’s guidance students need mentorship of learned people who can guide the students in them. 

A teacher is a professional who takes a degree in teaching and teaches only course subjects whereas a mentor is a trusted advisor, he can be anybody like your teacher, your parents, your best friend, any senior or even a peon of your office just he or she should have deep knowledge of life and he/she should be capable of giving a correct piece of advice in hours of need. Everyone wants to be a mentor because it brings a lot of respect also but it is not so easy to become a mentor. Institute ERP states that for becoming a mentor certain things are necessary to be figured out such as what does mentor and mentee want from each other and both should have a mutual understanding about each other and also mentor should look into whether he or she is capable of taking mentorship of that particular person. 

Software for school management specifies that the intelligence level of mentors at an emotional level elevates while mentoring because as a mentor one has to pay attention to everything of the mentees. He or she will have to listen to each and every emotion of the mentees. It is very necessary for the mentor to develop emotional intelligence. Being a mentor, one should have the quality to make his or her thoughts understood by mentees in an effective way. 

This is the most important skill one learns as a mentor is to upthrust emotional intelligence. As a mentor, he comes in a position of authority and controls the class. Here the mentor holds the position of guidance and disciples look forward to listening to something beneficial and guiding from the mentor. This role of the guidance itself provides leadership skills. 

Software for school management also states that due to this a mentor acquires the management skills also, because when students ask for guidance from a mentor then they give him or her a chance to manage everything which is going wrong and turn it into right. When a person learns these skills of management also then in the future, he or she can survive any kind of work pressure and survive. As a mentor, a mentee believes in a person a lot. This relationship runs on a bond of trust so the mentor has to see whether this bond has been created or not. 

In order to become an amazing mentor, it is necessary that the mentor should have complete interest in his or her mentee as a person. Getting to know the mentee deeply helps the mentor to understand the mentee completely as well as mentors come to know about the personal and professional; life of the mentee and this helps him/her to give a perfect piece of advice to the mentee in need. A good mentor has to become a good and active listener otherwise he or she will never have an idea about the query about which the mentee wants to have some suggestions. 

Sometimes when problems are elucidated then they themselves provide the solutions in detail. In mentorship, one not only teaches knowledge to another person but also keeps on evaluating other people. This evaluation is a kind of talent because the wrong evaluation can destroy the career of a pupil and the right evaluation can elevate the career of the pupil. Along with the mentee, a mentor also learns to evaluate himself or herself in order to find out how good or bad he or she is teaching the students or pupils.

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