Methods of Advertising on Instagram

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Choosing an appropriate tool for advertising is so important because you should consider the value and number of users the tool has. You can select Instagram among the social network as an appropriate atmosphere and you can get good feedback from it. In the following, we want to explain to you some of the marketing ways on Instagram. Stay with us to know more about advertising on Instagram and complete your knowledge in this regard to have high-yield advertising.

Why is advertising on Instagram important and necessary?

Instagram is becoming one of the main platforms used in advertising campaigns because it has many users who enjoy interacting with their favorite brands, and this can increase the influence of marketing.

Advertising on Instagram has been proven by using a lot of research and studies and its direct impact on attracting interested customers. A collection of various Instagram features for online sales of specific products for visually appealing products can offer a combination of features such as the potential to increase products and sales.

Advertising Methods on Instagram

We will examine the methods of advertising on Instagram and the advantages and disadvantages of each in the following.

Instagram Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads are one of the types of ads on social networks such as Instagram. In the sponsored ads, the post or story you want will be displayed along with other posts and stories in the users’ timeline along with the small Sponsored symbol. This type of advertising is done through social media advertising panels.

Sponsored Ads:

  • Ability to accurately target audiences based on their age, gender, interests, and…
  • Ability to put a website link or CTA (invitation to the site)
  • No need to follow the desired page
  • The ad does not annoy people because of the same format as other posts and stories
  • Ability to promote a specific post

Ads on Popular Pages

Advertising on popular pages is one of the best ways to make your business and brand visible on Instagram. You can increase the efficiency of your ads by following the tips of Instagram ads. Also, keep in mind that the page you choose to advertise is related to the field of your business, and if you choose an appropriate page for your ads, your ads will be more effective and will give you success and increase your revenue.

The Advantage of ads on popular pages:

  • High-speed ads to introduce and make your page visible

Advertising by Sending Direct

Another method of advertising on Instagram is to send direct messages. Since you send direct messages to each person your message is more likely to be seen than other advertising methods. But Instagram also imposes restrictions to monopolize advertising on this platform. Each account depending on its age, interaction and the amount of activity on Instagram can send 10 to 1000 direct messages per day, but you can use tools to send direct messages to a large number of accounts, which is one of the best examples of these tools is the virtual user Instagram bulk messages sender Bot. This Bot has several features such as sending posts, and sending different texts, the ability to extract IDs and create a list of targeted IDs to send can help you have targeted advertising.

Features for Sending Ads

  • Send direct messages to IDs that are of interest to your field of business.
  • No need to pay for advertising
  • Your ads are more likely to be seen
  • Targeted advertisement
  • Attract customers
  • Rapid growth in sales


In this article, we introduced a Bot to advertising on Instagram easily and without any limitations. We told if you want to advertise by sending bulk messages to people you will face a daily sending limit and in this case, you need a tool that can cross this limitation. On the other side, we told you that it is an intolerable and time-consuming task and to do it easily you should automate all these steps by using a tool. To know more about advertising on Instagram and this Bot you can refer to the Virtual User website.

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