Modern Ways to Promote Your Artwork as a New Visual Artist

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One struggle many up-and-coming artists go through is the difficulty in gaining popularity. Visual artists are no stranger to this scenario. It’s essential for them to break out of the scene. This is because it raises their potential of getting commissioned work.

You can be an artist on your own and do your art for the sake of passion. You can also be the type of artist who wants to acquire commissioned work. Whichever type you are, you have to begin with the same process. Gaining popularity is your gateway for people to see your craft.

So how will you transform your bedroom artistry into a full-blown recognition? How do you get your name recognized and work for your dream commissions? Here are some valuable tips you can try as a newbie artist:

Be a Social Media Darling 

The most effective way to get your work exposed is by using social media in these modern times. Approximately 7 in 10 Americans use social media today, according to research. It might still be growing as you read this. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that you can get a decent amount of audience on social media. Make the most out of your online presence. Do this by signing up to the most common social media accounts artists use. You can even get your news feed curated by social media managers. Or to save yourself a few bucks, you can do it yourself if you can. Show your followers something different every day. It’s essential so your followers can completely absorb your art style. This is just one way for you to attract a demographic that’ll appreciate your work.

Connect with Other Artists

Speaking of social media, its influence on visual artists is undeniable. It has become a part of artists’ lives. It’s one reason why you’ll be able to find like-minded artists on social media platforms. All your artistry will vary from each other, but you’ll share similar experiences. You can use these mutual experiences to connect with other artists.

Join social media groups started by artists for artists. Befriend some of them and be supportive of their work. Doing this sincerely will get you some genuine support from them in return. Artists nowadays thrive through supporting each other’s work on social media. You can do something similar. Enjoy the benefits of getting support from artists like you while you give them the same energy.

Show Off Using Your Portfolio

Your vision needs exposure, but you can’t upload your artwork on social media and call it a day. You should have a carefully curated folio that showcases your expertise. Doing an online portfolio is one of the best ways to execute this. Compile all your best work and scan them. Upload these works to your computer and make a very appealing collection of your craft. Upload this to the website of your choice and highlight it as your best of the bests.

If you want complete creative control of your self-promotion, you can build a website for yourself. Suppose you don’t have any experience developing websites. If that’s the case, you’ll need to work with a creative agency and relay your vision to them. Let them work on your own artist’s website with an expert touch. Giving your all as an artist can make you gain respect from the public. Let your audience see your best works by putting up your portfolio online.

Accept the Right Commissions 

There are times that an artist gets advice not to be picky when accepting commissions. But this notion is definitely up to you. One thing you have to remember is to accept commissions that genuinely embody your work as an artist. If you’re getting commissions just for the sake of profiting from them, there’s a chance that you might misrepresent your artistry. If you choose to be indiscriminate when accepting commissioned work, you still have to be wise. Choose the ones you think resonate with you the most. Get commissioned works that don’t compromise your art style. Accept offers where you can still express your artistry freely. You don’t have to lose your identity as an artist just for profit. All you have to do is pick the job you’re going to do wisely. The more you express self-identity in your artworks, the best chances you’re going to get celebrated.

Know Your Worth

In line with accepting commissioned work, you have to know the actual value of your craft. You may let people dictate your art’s worth at the start of your career, but it can’t be like that forever. As you gain expertise in your field, you’re only going to get better. This should make your audience appreciate your work more than ever. Knowing your worth will let people know that you’re serious about what you do. It’s going to make your audience feel your worth too. That’s how you can earn a reputation from your fellow artists and the public in general.


Promoting your art to the world can be a challenging task. It can even be more complicated than the artwork you do. But with all the proper knowledge and skill in self-promotion, you can still stand out. One thing you have to remember is your work will speak for your artistry. If you love your craft, you’re going to give off that energy to your artwork. Your audience will feel the same love you’ve put into that artwork you’ll show them.

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