Partner Manufacturers of Private Label CBD Softgels in Connecticut and Build Your own Brand

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The alternative wellness supplements industry is currently going through a phase of unprecedented growth never seen before. The main reason behind this kind of growth is the legalization of cannabidiol or CBD, an extract of cannabis, a Class 2 drug that is still banned in its original form. CBD has been legalized for medicinal and therapeutic uses by the federal government after it was proven that it doesn’t contain any of the psychoactive substances found in raw cannabis. However, post-separation and extraction from cannabis, CBD retains all the medicinal properties found in raw cannabis. Private label CBD manufacturers in Connecticut and elsewhere are driving this change.

Cannabis in its original form has been known for its high efficacy in treating chronic and acute pain syndromes since ancient times. At the same time, cannabis is also very effective in treating many other medical conditions like cancer, brain, heart, lungs, and gut disorders among others. How much of all these were known to our ancestors is not clear but they did know of a few others than just pain management. However, patients getting treatment with cannabis in ancient times had to endure its psychoactive effects. Today, CBD delivers all the medicinal healing without the psychoactive effects, which has made it so popular. Private Label CBD manufacturers today are developing highly innovative products that have made it mainstream and easy to use.

Innovative products that make CBD consumption easier

Cannabis in its original form was smoked unlike CBD which is a dietary supplement but CBD has a hard and bitter aftertaste. It must have been quite a challenge to make it palatable by blending it with tasty fruit and berry flavors and yet, retain its medicinal properties.

One of the most innovative products developed by the private label CBD manufacturing companies is softgels that are a sweet and fruity treat that a lot of people love these days. They just consume it like candy but also remember to abide by the recommended dose.

CBD offers multiple health benefits on a single platter

A modern-day lifestyle with long work hours, long commutes, and late-night entertainment among others takes a toll on the body. At the same time, the food we eat is grown with chemical enhancement which takes out many of the vitamins and minerals that the fruits, cereals, and veggies used to contain.

The outcome of such food consumption deprives the body of these vital nutrients and result in the kind of lifestyle diseases that we see today. Regular consumption of CBD-infused softgels and other edible supplements made with research-driven innovation helps the body regain these vital nutrients.

When your brand sells such innovative alternative wellness supplements, you need to team up with a reliable private label manufacturer near you. To begin with, you need products that are of high quality and deliver the outcomes expected from CBD infusion. Emerald Corp is a reputable private label manufacturer with a strong research base and a wide range of CBD-infused products that have high demand. For more information, visit


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