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Today’s current situation opens many opportunities to people who are relatively exposed to the digital world. Schools and jobs today are no longer limited to physical establishments. Online school and online job rates have significantly skyrocketed this year.

With that, everything is done electronically, including documents and papers. Therefore, it is only necessary that issues and drawbacks might also be present upon utilizing digital files anytime. Therefore, what you need is a safe and reliable tool that caters to any digital paper issues, in which PDFBear easily tops the list.

We offer you PDFBear’s safest converters, their features, and a guide to using them efficiently.

PowerPoint to PDF Converter

A PowerPoint presentation usually contains images, videos, and other graphic elements contributing to the file’s data size. Having a large file like PPTs should not be an issue at all. However, some incompatibilities might arise in the future. Sending or uploading large files online could be a complete hassle.

The first thing you may want to do is reduce the file’s size. Perhaps compression could lessen the quality of the texts and images; converting it is another perfect way. PDFBear’s PDF to PPT converter enables you to make your presentation easier to view. And, since PDF formats are normally compact, the size is smaller.

Another reason why you should convert your PPT file to PDF is that PDF files are universally functional. On the other hand, other devices and operating systems might not support PPT files, which is less convenient.

Excel spreadsheets convert to PDF

PDFBear is known to offer swift, fast, and simple instructions to convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF file format. But first, an internet connection is a must to efficiently use this converter. Other than that, converting files with PDFBear will cost you nothing more. You can use it anytime and anywhere for free.

Furthermore, secure it by PDF conversion if you have an existing Excel spreadsheet that contains confidential data and information. PDF file formats can be secured with passwords, and besides, it has a tamper-proof feature. Additionally, if you want to use this converter, use it without the need to install applications!

Below are the four straightforward steps that only requires a few clicks:

  1. Press “Select Files,” browse the Excel spreadsheet file, and upload it to their server.
  2. Choose from an option which action would you prefer.
  3. Click “Convert” and wait for a few seconds to finish the conversion process.
  4. Download and save a copy of your freshly converted file to your device or share it to Google Drive and Dropbox.

Microsoft Word to PDF Converter

A simple Word document can be a headache, especially if it has a large data size, affecting online processes’ compatibility. On the other hand, it’s not reliable enough to keep the formatting accurate as assigned. In addition, words and other components can get mixed up when opened to another device.

That said, PDFBear converter gets you out of those troubles mentioned above. By simply following its four-step instruction, you should be able to directly convert a file from Word to PDF in no time. On top of that, this tool comes with both security and quality features guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Additionally, using any platform should not be a problem if you wish to convert a file anywhere. PDFBear supports all operating systems and internet browsers. In addition, of course, you may use a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet.

  1. Choose a Word document. Upload or drag it from your folder and drop it to their server.
  2. The converter will scan and extract the texts from your Word document.
  3. Press “Convert,” and please wait a few seconds to finish.
  4. Download a copy for yourself and save your new file to your computer or share it to Google Drive or Dropbox.

JPG to PDF Converter

Most of the time, we cannot easily get rid of some image files from our computer because they serve as an important possession. However, these files could be consuming more data files. In this case, you must look for an alternative to keep the files and free up some memory space.

Thankfully, PDFBear offers a converter that allows you to turn JPG files into PDF. It’s the most convenient way to keep your images and organize your memory space at the same time.


Utilizing a well-rounded online converter like PDFBear, indeed, relieves the amount of your workload while still being productive. Most PDF-related issues come out unfamiliar for most, but with PDFBear, fixing these issues is a lot easier than expected.

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