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No one expects to encounter a truck accident while on the roads of Missouri, but unfortunately, they happen all the time. Staying informed on what to do when you encounter a truck accident is the best way to remain vigilant and to ensure you are on the safe side. Here are some steps to take post truck accident.

Assess your condition

When involved in a truck accident and you are lucky enough to be conscious, the first thing you should do is assess yourself to see whether you are injured. If you are in a position to do so safely, you should also check the condition of any other passengers involved. However, it would help if you were extra careful to avoid jeopardizing your safety or someone else’s. If there are injuries or fatalities, do nothing and call an ambulance.

Call the police

Regardless of how minor a road accident is, it would help if you always involved the police. You can always call 911, and the dispatcher can route your call to the nearest police station. Inform the dispatcher of the injuries and fatalities involved so that they send an ambulance immediately.

Calling the authorities after a truck accident is necessary for official documentation of the accident. Therefore, the police maintain a record of all the vehicles involved and the situation.

Seek medical care

Whether or not you feel okay after a truck accident, your health comes first. Even if you feel okay, you should seek medical attention because some injuries are not always apparent immediately after the crash. If you experience any damages later and didn’t seek immediate medical attention after the crash, it might be hard to demonstrate that it is related to the accident. Even after examination by the medical emergency response team, you should undergo a complete check-up in the hospital.

Collect evidence

If you are uninjured after a truck accident, collecting evidence at the scene is wise. You can take pictures, and videos, exchange information with the other driver and record the contact information of the witnesses. Additional notes about the road and weather conditions may also play an essential role in your case. Most importantly, record or take videos of any conditions that contributed to the truck accident.

Give a police report.

When the police get to the truck accident scene, give a collect statement regarding the accident and do not speculate anything. Avoid admitting fault and keep any information that could implicate you for your lawyer. If you are not injured, it is best to say you are unsure of your injuries until you have a complete medical examination.

Contact a truck accident lawyer.

The next step you should take after a truck accident is to contact a lawyer at A truck accident can be complicated, mainly when more parties are involved, and it is easy to get overwhelmed by the whole situation. A truck accident lawyer can offer legal advice on handling the case and protecting your rights.

The takeaway

Handling the aftermath of a truck accident by yourself can be overwhelming, which is where a truck accident attorney comes in.

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