Preparing For A Move: Household Moving Checklist To Help You Move Easily

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Moving is always an exciting adventure, but without adequate preparation, your move can be somewhat overwhelming. There is much to consider before you load up your moving truck. It all begins with having a solid game plan. Here is a complete household moving checklist to help you create that game plan for an upcoming move.

Make A Plan

Now that you have decided to move, the next step is to prepare. Before you pack up your belongings, it’s a good idea to put together a moving plan to remember everything you need to achieve. Make a plan on how to pick the best and most affordable moving company. Planning your timelines is also essential to ensure you are ahead of time.

Decide on A Moving Company.

Put a team together, including a moving company that will transport your belongings from one place to another. Find a professional moving companyto help you with this process and take good care of your belongings. Moving is never an easy task, especially if you have delicate and valuable items.

At this point, you should find out from the professional movers how much it would cost you to relocate, as there are lots of things that factor into it.

Sort Out Your Closets, Basements, Storage Areas

It’s time to start putting your plans into action. Start sorting out your closets, basements, and storage areas. As you sort, begin packing the non-essentials and items you are not likely to use before you move. Donate what you feel you should give out to create more space for other things you need most.

Do these tasks ahead of time to save yourself the hassle.If you take it one closet or storage area at a time, the job will seem more manageable. However, give yourself some time to go through everything so you don’t mess up and have any regrets later.

Organize for School Transfers

Moving is a strange and peculiar challenge. Still, it’s something you will have to deal with at least once in your lifetime. While moving house is rarely fun, dealing with school transfers can be even more challenging.

You need to consult and research the best school for your children, depending on your new location. Work with your current school and the future school for your kids to ensure a smooth transition.

Purchase Moving Supplies

The one thing that is certain when moving is moving supplies. You are going to need boxes and packing tape. And don’t forget the bubble wrap and the bubble wrap dispenser. You will also need box cutters and labels. Get supplies enough to help you pack room by room and make your labeling and unpacking easy.

Get a sound labeling system that will work for you. However, if you have a moving company, they will be able to help you identify and provide you with the best moving supplies you need and at a reasonable rate.

Seek For Leave From Your Employer During Moving Period

Having to pack up and leave in the middle of the workweek is not always met with open arms by your boss, especially when your job needs you to contribute to stay relevant. Hence, it’s crucial to inform your employer well in advance about your moving plans and strike a deal with them.

You may need to stretch your leave days several days before the actual moving date to some few days after the material day. However, it’s essential to ensure you and your employer agree about your leave days. Your job is vital!

Use Up Perishables In Your Refrigerator and Defrost Freezers

Don’t let food in your refrigerator and freezer go to waste. Use up that food before your move. You can also donate food/consumables to charity or dispose of them correctly. You use food with limited shelf life before moving to avoid unhygienic conditions and potential health hazards.


Before loading your freezer for a move, make sure to defrost it first. Allow everything to thaw for a few days. You can also defrost your refrigerator faster by using a hairdryer. Finally, clean out your refrigerator and freezer to avoid odors as you move to your new home.

Dispose or Organize How To Carry Flammables

Moving items that are under fire hazard classification together with your household items can be dangerous. You may need to organize for specialized transportation or dispose of such things, including paint, gasoline and gasoline containers, camp stoves, and propane tanks, among others.

Recheck Your Checklist and Tie Any Loose Ends

So you’ve completed your moving checklist and prepared for a smooth move. But did you know there could be things you’ve left out? It’s true. You may have forgotten a few important things while packing or might have even missed a few while checking off your list. So, don’t forget to recheck everything at least some days before your moving day.


Preparing for a move is never easy, but organizing your upcoming relocation can be far less daunting with a household moving checklist. Since most people have to relocate regularly, it is good to have the packing process etched in your mind to do it all very efficiently. If you feel inadequately prepared, contact Ramar Transport and Logistics Company for a smooth move.

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