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(1971) “One thing Massive” (unique title) AKA El Capitano, Comedy, Western, starring DEAN MARTIN, full film, basic function movie.

One thing Massive is a 1971 American movement image produced by Andrew V. McLaglen (who additionally directed it) and James Lee Barrett (who additionally wrote the screenplay). A Western comedy, the movie stars Dean Martin, Honor Blackman and Brian Keith.

Runtime 1h 48min
Rated 12
Director: Andrew V. McLaglen
Author: James Lee Barrett
Stars: Dean Martin, Brian Keith, Carol White

A person kidnaps the spouse of a cavalry commander with the intention to trade her for a Gatling gun that is being offered by a gun runner.

PLOT (Wikipedia): Within the frontier of New Mexico Territory, Joe Baker is an ageing, stressed bandit decided to do “one thing huge” earlier than his fiancee Dover McBride arrives from the East. Dover’s brother Tommy is a associate in Baker’s banditry.

Baker should cope with the vulgar outlaw Johnny Cobb and his ruthless sidekick Angel Moon, whereas additionally opposing his plan is the cantankerous Colonel Morgan, who’s on the cusp of retirement from the U.S. Military command within the territory. In a scenario parallel to Baker’s, the colonel’s spouse Mary Ann is arriving from the East to accompany him house on his retirement. Colonel Morgan learns from his Indian scout Bookbinder that Baker is planning one thing however is thwarted at studying particulars.

It’s revealed that Baker is planning to assault and rob a bandit hoarde simply throughout the border in Mexico. The treasure being effectively guarded, Baker makes a cope with the scurrilous Cobb to buy a Gatling gun in trade for a lady. Baker receives a letter from his fiancé Dover informing him of her imminent arrival, which units a deadline on the achievement of his “one thing huge.”

Baker’s gang holds up a collection of stagecoaches, however in each he’s unable to discover a girl appropriate for Cobb and lets the passengers go unmolested. He’s lastly capable of finding a worthy candidate, who seems to be Colonel Morgan’s spouse Mary Ann. She shortly learns to love Baker as a result of he treats her with respect.

The kidnapping of his spouse enrages Morgan, who units off with a patrol to rescue her and seize Baker.

Cobb and sidekick Moon meet the dealer Malachi Morton within the desert to purchase the gun, which has been quietly stolen from a federal arsenal. When the dealer calls for extra, Moon hurls his knife into Morton’s chest, immediately killing him. They take the gun. Earlier than they will meet Baker, nevertheless, they’re accosted by Morgan and his scout Bookbinder, who comply with let the bandits go in the event that they reveal Baker’s location.

Baker’s fiancé Dover arrives on the fort and installs herself in Morgan’s quarters. Listening to of her arrival, Baker agrees to satisfy her within the desert. She provides him an ultimatum to go house along with her instantly or she’s going to marry another person.

The night time earlier than the supposed rendezvous with Cobb to buy the gun, Baker realizes he’s in love with Mary Ann. He makes an attempt to kiss her, however she rebuffs him, stating she is love along with her husband. However, Baker tells Tommy that he intends to take the gun from Cobb with out giving Mary Ann to him.

Morgan and his scout, with Cobb, Moon and the gun in tow, arrive at Baker’s hideout. Angel Moon is killed when he makes an attempt to kill Baker. Morgan proceeds to beat up Baker for stealing his spouse. He refuses to provide Baker the gun, however his spouse reminds him that he’s now formally retired and now not has the authority to grab the gun as federal property.

Cobb realizes he isn’t going to get his girl and breaks down. Tommy realizes that there’s a answer, specifically {that a} pair of lonely ladies (ostensibly prostitutes) will surely welcome Cobb’s presence. Cobb proceeds to their home, and though it’s throughout the border in Texas, the place he’s a wished outlaw, the ladies roughly throw him off his horse and gleefully drag him throughout.

Baker and his males assault the bandit’s city in Mexico, with the assistance of the Apache allies they’ve beforehand paid with whiskey. They’re knowledgeable that the infamous bandit, named Emilio Estevez, is now a monk, who greets Baker in a backyard. Baker suspects a ruse and pulls open the monk’s gown, revealing a pistol. A gun battle erupts during which Estevez is shot useless.

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