Steps On How To Become An Entrepreneur

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Starting up your new business is a topic on the hot seat for many of the millennials. Entrepreneurship sounds very cool and flashy from the outside, but there’s a whole story to it once you get in it. Entrepreneurs are people who have usually broken the “9 to 5” circle and own one or multiple businesses. Not everyone has the mindset to become an entrepreneur, as it needs a lot of dedication and direction altogether. But if you always think outside the box, don’t even think when taking a risk, and show dedication to your work, you are good enough to become an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is more of art itself. That’s why entrepreneurship can’t be taught at some special schools. It’s a journey of many experiences in someone’s professional journey. Here is how you can become an entrepreneur in seven steps.

1. Find Your Purpose

First of all, as an entrepreneur, you need to find your purpose for doing something. Entrepreneurs are not self-centered beings who make a lot of money; they have a defined goal. Every entrepreneur works to achieve a specific thing. Every new business they create or investment they make is tilted towards a single direction. That’s why entrepreneurs have a clear vision of their career at all times.

Entrepreneurs need to keep building their skillsets all the time. They need to stay updated with the latest technological advancements, skill development, and business awareness. Many entrepreneurs forget that they need to lead by example and set a benchmark for all the other team members and employees in the organization. One simple way to achieve this is by opting for leadership coaching. You can learn all you need to about leading your business organization in the right fashion. This will help you streamline efficiency and boost productivity. 

2. Identify Your Role

As an entrepreneur, you can’t copy something that anyone else is doing. That’ll defeat the whole purpose of entrepreneurship. You need to figure out what you have to do in the chosen field. Don’t rush any decision as this decision will go with you for the rest of your life. Identify your role in society and what you can do to bring change. If you successfully decide what change you want to bring in the relevant field, you’re good to go.

3. Make Your Prototype

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If you have your idea, surely it won’t be successful all at once. That is very rare in entrepreneurship. Make the prototype of your idea. Find its strengths and weaknesses and compare them with the outside world.

4. Sell The Solution, Not The Product

Successful entrepreneurs own very few products. That is the main hidden secret. You are valued for your idea of a solution, not for the solution itself. You don’t create a product; instead, you create a system that creates the product itself. It would be best if you sold the solution before selling your product.

5. Create Your Success Story

People won’t follow you if your organization doesn’t have a true success story. Brand yourself correctly while advertising your product, and you’re good to go.

6. Gather Your Team

You have your idea and your business model; now it’s time to gather your team. You need two types of staff. One which can focus on the weaknesses of your business and one on the strengths of your organization.

7. Have A Clear Vision

The last step is to have a clear vision at every point of your journey. Always remember to look at the bigger picture. This will give a direction to your business and keep you focused on your main goal. Take inspiration from Bardya Ziaian, he is an experienced entrepreneur and financial asset manager with a proven track record of founding successful companies. Bardya Ziaian has founded several companies, including Robo Advisor, a wealth management company, Virtual Brokers, a discount broker, which was ranked as #1 in Canada multiple times, and SITTU Group, a think tank company. 


Entrepreneurs are people with great focus and a single direction. By following these seven steps, you can start your journey to become a successful entrepreneur.

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