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Remortgaging a House

A remortgage can be a refinancing scheme. It is transporting your existing mortgage with a new lender to get a considerably better deal, cheaper interest rate for a lower deeding schedule. It will also give supplemental funds to the…

Learn to Sell A House By Proprietor

Selling your home can be a very hard thing to do; you might think that it is far better to leave something like this to the occupations. After all you are trying to sell your own single biggest asset. Using the internet and other modern…

How to List a House for Sale by Owner

About 8% of home sellers decided to sell without the assistance of a real estate agent. It seems like a logical decision when you consider how hot the real estate market has been over the last 18 months. Interest rates are lower than

Trump impeachment enters new stage

The Home Judiciary Committee will start proceedings within the impeachment inquiry, and have invited President Donald Trump to offer testimony. #Impeachment #PresidentTrump #Politics #Trump #TheWhiteHouse #ImpeachmentShowdown…