Tank Stands: How To Pick Out The Ideal Unit!


You have much to think about if you’ve just bought a new aquarium. From the tank by itself to the water filter, as well as the decorations. Once you have a new hospitable atmosphere, you will need to add your fish and get them settled in. Are you currently finished after this is achieved? Not quite; now you need an excellent aquarium stand to position your tank upon! But you have several options today, and picking the best one can become challenging.

The right one for your requirements will depend upon the size, weight of your tank, and preferred style. After all, a good aquarium stand is a furniture piece, and you want it to match all those other items in your house. To help within this process of acquiring the right indicate your needs, let’s explore this particular topic more deeply.

Specially Designed to Accommodate Bodyweight

An aquarium stand offers more than an attractive way to screen your tank at eye level. Water is rather heavy, and you must, moreover, the tank’s weight on its own, plus other additions similar to sand or gravel at the bottom. When all of this is taken together, you may have as much as ten pounds involving weight for each gallon. Therefore, for example, if you have something like a 20-gallon tank, you are looking at about 200 hundred pounds which often needs to be safely supported! A stand must be because of the challenge, as a failure could lead to a terrible mess. That’s not to cover the fish you’ll reduce as a result. It is best to purchase a good quality unit to ensure you don’t have to concern yourself with this unappealing situation.

Aquarium stands are specially designed to carry this kind of tremendous load, unlike the majority of pieces of household furniture. That is why never place your tank in another table or department, as it hasn’t been made to blockage this type of weight. If you have a smaller tank, you may be able to get apart with this tactic, but everything larger is an accident patiently waiting to happen. Most fish tanks have a disclaimer, which declares that the warranty is usually voided if you place it on any other surface besides an approved aquarium stand. This should show how specialized these units are generally and why picking out the proper model is essential!

Different Patterns for Aquarium Stands

There are two main tank stands today – start and closed. The start style is the most straightforward layout and is usually constructed of lightweight material rather than heavier wooden. Because of their open layout, they have less structural support and are more suitable for lighter-in-weight fish tanks. How much can they securely hold up? The rule of thumb is about a 40-gallon container; if you have a larger aquarium tank, you’ll need a different option. Open-up designs still have some extra components, making them more vital than traditional furniture pieces. For example, there is cross support along the edges and in the device’s rear.

Your other choice is a closed design that is suitable for heavier aquariums. They are often fashioned from high-quality wood that has been pressure handled, ensuring it can stand up underneath a load of a large container of water. Not only do they offer a platform on the bottom, but there is also a 2nd on the top, giving this kind of stand maximum stability.

The selection of Materials

Once you’ve picked out the right design for your tank, you can choose various materials. This is where personal choice comes into play, as your desired end will play a significant aspect. The most abundant options are solid wood and metal, the most robust materials available. If you want the wood to complement the other products of the items in your home, you can choose from various finishes. Often a tank stand will be made from man-made wood products like a hit or fiberboard, which are essentially small chips involving wood held together by simply glue. If you have formaldehyde

sensitives, you should avoid these possibilities, as they have this substance. You can opt for timber construction, though such a stand will be more expensive. Fiber aboard units are usually finished with veneer to give it the appearance of genuine wood, and you can select any kind which appeals to you. Cherry, walnut, maple, pine, mahogany, and in many cases, exotic options like teak wood are now available. These are enclosed with a waterproof covering to ensure water from the tank can not penetrate and typically ruin the integrity of the wood.

Also, you can choose a metal aquarium to endure if you desire a more sophisticated look. These have numerous advantages over wood models. First, they are a bit simpler to clean as their surface is resistant to almost everything. While you might wonder if rust will be an element, as they will be constantly subjected to water, they are usually treated to resist corrosion. Also, although wooden options are coated and sealed, they can enlarge over time if water is permitted to sit on them for a long time. You may also have your tank for your fish in an enclosed space, which can cause a humid

atmosphere to build up. The wood will be exposed to this particular for years, and metal could be the more durable option. Also, metallic fits well with any contemporary decor and will complement other furniture in your home. If you have numerous stylistic pieces which function as metal and glass conspicuously, a wood aquarium remain will look out of place.

But many people don’t prefer metallic, as it feels cold and impersonal. If the associated with your home has warm shades and wood accents, a wood stand makes sense! Also, a wood building has a more substantial visual existence and can draw your eyesight to the beautiful fish tank positioned on top. Solid wood may be the better option for you as this is the primary intent behind an aquarium stand.


Ultimately, the choice will be up to you and will depend upon numerous factors. First, the weight within your tank will come into participation and determine if you need a closed design. Subsequently, you need to determine if you typically prefer the warm feeling of wood or perhaps the modern style of metal alternatively. By taking your time and selecting what items are essential to anyone, you’ll be able to select the perfect tank stand for your needs!

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