The Reality About Entire-Physique Scans

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Take a drive round sure neighborhoods in Los Angeles and you could spot as many indicators promoting physique scans as burger joints. Or perhaps you’ve got seen the advertisements on TV or the web: “Defend your well being! Get a physique scan now!” 

Are whole-body CT scans actually ready to do this – and what are the dangers? And are DEXA scans a great way to examine in your physique composition?

Scans for Well being Checks

Whereas applied sciences fluctuate, most of those high-tech checkups use computed tomography (CT) scans to look at your complete physique or particular components, such because the heart and lungs, to attempt to catch harmful illnesses in earlier, extra curable phases.

Throughout the 15- or 20-minute scan, you lie inside a doughnut-shaped machine as an imaging machine rotates round you, transmitting radiation. The approach combines a number of X-ray photos and, with assistance from a pc, produces cross-sectional views of your physique. By inspecting the views, a health care provider can search for early indicators of abnormalities.

The scans aren’t low cost – whole-body scans run anyplace from $500 to $1,000 per scan and normally aren’t reimbursed by insurance coverage. And the query of how useful these scans actually are is a matter of debate amongst medical consultants.

Advocates promote scans as a wise a part of a routine physical exam. However for those who’re wholesome, with no worrisome signs, a scan is normally not warranted, says Arl Van Moore, MD, a radiologist and medical assistant professor of radiology at Duke College Medical Heart in Durham, NC, who can also be a spokesman for the American School of Radiology (ACR).

In response to the ACR’s official place, there’s not sufficient proof to suggest scans for these with no signs or household historical past suggesting illness. However Van Moore sees a potential exception. “There could also be a profit to individuals at excessive threat of lung cancers, similar to present people who smoke or these with a protracted historical past of smoking,” he says. 

For wholesome individuals, the scans could trigger undue fear – as an illustration, by discovering one thing that seems to be benign. Plus, the quantity of radiation publicity, particularly with frequent scans, is one other concern. If scans are achieved too usually, the radiation publicity may very well improve the variety of cancer instances over the long run, in keeping with a 2004 report within the journal Radiology.

The American School of Preventive Medication says that whole-body scans “aren’t superb at discovering most cancers in individuals with out signs” and that the radiation you get from these scans can improve your threat of most cancers.

Who Wants a Excessive-Tech Checkup?

Earlier than scheduling a physique scan, discuss to your physician about your general well being dangers and the way a scan could or could not make it easier to. Particularly, ask your self:

  • What’s your historical past? Do you’ve a private or household historical past of lung disease, coronary heart illness, or particular cancers?
  • Did you inhale? Are you a longtime smoker?
  • If that’s the case, how lengthy? Even for those who’ve quit smoking, for what number of years have been you an energetic smoker?


What if You’re Getting a Scan to Examine Your Physique Fats?

It is a completely different sort of scan, referred to as DEXA (twin vitality X-ray absorptiometry). You might need heard of DEXA scans to examine on bone density to see when you have osteoporosis or osteopenia. It makes use of low-level X-rays to examine in your physique composition, like how a lot physique fats you’ve and the place it’s in your physique. 

There are numerous methods to measure your physique fats. Experts have told WebMD prior to now that DEXA scanning is a “superb approach” and “one of the correct strategies on the market.” And researchers have referred to as it the “gold commonplace” for checking on physique composition – particularly, for bone, fats, and muscle. Nevertheless it’s not lined by insurance coverage, except you’re getting a DEXA scan to display screen for bone density. The price of a DEXA scan varies, beginning round $75 in some instances.

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