Tips to Choose Right Interior Paint Colors for Your Home

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Designing one’s own home is a joy unmatched. Most people dream about their first homes and picture many new designs and innovative ideas for when the opportunity comes. Designing and decorating a home is not an as small and simple a task as it may seem.

Many elements go into home interior designing and most importantly, all of these elements need to be in sync. Home interior designers in Bangalore are considered to be top-tiered when it comes to modern home interior design.

Right from the tiles to be chosen to the paints for the rooms, an interior designer can help with these major decisions. Designers can also help in choosing the right products and help in integrating the homeowners’ ideas with achievable designs.

Elements of Home Design

A home consists of many different elements with different rooms each with different utilities. Each area of a home has different functionality and therefore, the tone and vibe of each room need to be set differently.

When it comes to interior designs, everything ranging from fittings to forms is to be considered. The model of each room, the flooring for each room, the ceiling designs, the paints, the lights, the furniture, and the decor, everything is included in home interior design.

Some of the best interior designers in Bangalore believe in modern and concept-based designs. The designs are developed in tandem with the homeowner’s ideas and expectations.

Amongst all the major decisions, one of the toughest would probably be the simplest of things, such as the paint color. Deciding on a paint color can be one of the trickiest things. Most customers have myriad ideas when it comes to painting color but in reality, only a few are practically possible.

Although more and more brands of paints are coming up with exciting colors, this only makes the decision-making process harder. Below are some of the best tips shared by Interior Designers in Bangalore to help finalize the best interior paint color for the house:

1 . Light Paints with Dark Accents

One of the most common and the safest bets when it comes to interior paints is to opt for light-colored paints for the walls and ceilings and opt for dark accents wherever possible.

This trick brings out a beautiful illusion and makes the light paints look brighter and more attractive. It also adds more impact to the desired accent areas. Pairing darker furniture, carpets, and flooring would be one of the best bonuses for such interiors.

2 . Dark Paints with Light Accents

In contrast with the light with dark accents, this design idea is for the bolder homeowners who would love to experiment with colors. Dark paint colors for the walls can be combined with light shades of accents across the room. Pairing this design with light-colored furniture, carpets and flooring brings out a unique effect and makes the room look bold, exquisite, and rich.

3 . Assorted Colors

Another design module is the assorted formula where the homeowners can bring in different tones and vibes for different rooms. Mix and match color schemes of light and dark colors with dark or light accents respectively and pair with contrast hues, furniture, and decor.

This helps in creating a custom-based appearance for the home which is unique to the customer. It also helps in including the different perspectives of the family.

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