Tools to Help You Remove Background from Image

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Background removal from a photo is the most frequently implemented photo manipulation technique. As the name implies, background removal entails isolating the foreground portion of a photo and making the background transparent.

It mostly happens when you wish to get rid of unwanted items from your photo and make it stand out. You might also consider to change photo background from your photo if it contains disturbing details.

Other possible reasons for removing backgrounds from images include;

  • To reduce eye strain and allow the viewer to focus on the main photo;
  • To make the foreground outstanding, especially where the background contains details that might outshine the foreground; and
  • To limit the area of focus on the photo.

As you may have guessed by now, removing backgrounds from images requires tools that not only get the job done but also leave the focus image outstanding.

This post highlights 10 of the most recommended tools for removing background from an image online or in Photoshop.

1. Removal.AI

Removal.AI is a newly launched online tool that uses AI Technology to automatically remove image background. Just simply drag and drop your image, in a few seconds you get the desired result. You can download upto 1500 x 1000 pixels image resolution for free. Like most other background removal tools, Removal.AI also offers paid subscription allowing users to buy credits, spend this credit to download high-resolution image upto 6250 × 4000 pixels, 1 credit = 1 image.

Since the e-commerce industry has the most benefits for a background eraser tool online free, here is a quick overview of how simple it is to use the Removal.AI tool for product photos.

Yes, it literally takes three steps to have amazing photos that can help boost your campaign materials. A strong marketing campaign requires enticing infographics and pictures and Removal.AI can give you that in seconds.

Removal.AI offers a lower price but for the same professional-quality results as a human editor can do. It is also constantly evolving, improving its services for easier and faster photo editing solutions. With the aim to ease the burden of the traditional methods of image processing, the team is very particular at boosting the work efficiency across industries in order to maintain the advantages that are brought about by modern technology.

2. In Pixio

First, you upload the images from your computer, the internet, or any other source. You can either drag and drop the image in the tool’s Drop area or enter the image URL. In Pixio also allows you to upload several images at once, which saves you time compared to having to edit each image separately. Next, In Pixio will prompt you to enlarge the photo using the slider, then select the background that you wish to erase using the site’s Remove feature. The Keep tool allows you to highlight the foreground.

After removing the background from your images, the last step is to download the photo by clicking the “Save your photo(s)” and then the “Download” button.

3. PhotoScissors

PhotoScissors is another background removal tool that prides itself in its high efficiency and ease of use.

To remove your backgrounds using PhotoScissors, you start by uploading the image in a .JPG, .PNG or .WebP file. Ensure the image has a maximum size of 10 Mb and a maximum resolution of 4.2Mpx. After uploading your image, PhotoScissors algorithms will kick into action, removing the background from your photo using deep neural networks.

PhotoScissors can remove background around hair, from transparent objects, and even from images on e-Commerce listings like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.


If you’re looking for a quick and affordable tool to remove backgrounds from your images, your search ends with The tool allows you to upload your images in three ways – browsing your computer or the internet, entering the image URL, or dragging and dropping.

After uploading your files, mark the image’s foreground and background using the green and red markers for the foreground and background, respectively. Then, sit back and let AutoClipping do the rest.

Once you’re satisfied, you can download your image to your PC or share an automatically-generated link to your website or social media platform.

5. Slazzer


Slazzer is a household name as far as tech innovations are concerned. The tool deploys highly-effective A.I to remove image backgrounds automatically in a matter of a few clicks.

You begin by uploading your picture from whichever source. You can drag and drop the image from your PC or the internet. You can also upload a selfie directly. Next, allow for a few seconds for Slazzer’s AI to remove all the backgrounds from selected images.

After that, you can use the tool’s features to add graphics, colors, or new backgrounds to your image. When satisfied with the output, you can proceed to download your image.

6. Edit Photos For Free

This background remover lives up to its name. But besides allowing you to erase background from photos free of charge, the tool also works in a simple process as follows;

i. Draw YELLOW on the edge of your photo.

ii. Mark the parts of the image you wish to keep by drawing GREEN.

iii. Mark the areas you want to erase using RED.

iv. Press the rectangular button located at the center to start removing your background.

v. If the results aren’t satisfactory yet, enable the MASK button located at the top, then proceed as follows;

  • Mark the parts you want to keep using WHITE and those you want to erase using BLACK.
  • Preview the outcome using the center rectangular button.
  • Refine the outcome by adjusting BACK COLOR, OFFSET, SMOOTH, and FEATHERING tools.

7. Fotor

Fotor removes image backgrounds by leaving the subject outstanding and the background transparent. That way, you can easily apply a fresh background to your photos.

To get started, open the Fotor’s background remover and upload the image that you wish to remove backgrounds from. Next, mark all the parts on the photo that you’d like to retain using the green “Retain Brush” and mark the areas you wish to erase using the red “Removal Brush”. Preview the work by clicking “Press” and make any necessary adjustments.

If all looks great, click “Save” to download your image and select the format you wish to download the image in.

8. Background Burner

This tool either leaves your background white or transparent. White backgrounds are recommended if you want to retain the subject as is. On the other hand, a transparent background makes it possible to add a new background to your image later on.

Like most background removal tools, you start by uploading your image inside the tool’s dotted box. Then, you choose the Burned version that will work for you, before allowing Background Burner to do the rest.

When ready, download your image as a .PNG, or .JPG file. .PNG files are ideal for white backgrounds.

9. Icons8 Background Remover?

As the tool’s name suggests, it removes the background offering a transparent image. This tool is completely free to use.
You just need to upload an image, and the tool automatically detects its background and removes it automatically and quickly. You are then offered to evaluate the result with a thumb up or down to help the Icons8 team to improve their tool. It’s an optional step, you can skip it and just download the final result.
It is important to note that you can upload images with a max size of 5 Mb in JPG or PNG formats. Interestingly, the Icons8 Background Remover offers an API if you want to add the tool to your site.
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