High 15 Most In style Canine in France in 2022

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They’re recognized for his or her style, meals, and the Eiffel Tower, however the French are additionally canine lovers. It’s estimated that there are round 7.5 million canine in France, and we’ve collected an inventory of the 15 hottest breeds.

We’ve additionally added in some attention-grabbing details about every of those breeds to present you a correct introduction. After all, some names on the checklist could be acquainted, whereas others could be new to you.


The 15 Most In style Canine Breeds in France

1. Australian Shepherd

australian shepherd standing in grass
Picture Credit score: JitkaP, Shutterstock
Weight40-60 lbs
TraitsEnergetic, Clever, protecting

Regardless of their title, the Australian Shepherds are an American canine, thought to have been bred from a breed of Spanish shepherd canine dropped at America. They’re energetic, intelligent canine that do effectively with an skilled canine father or mother.

They’re clever and simple to coach, and so they’re typically used as service dogs. An attention-grabbing reality about Australian Shepherds is that they often have two completely different coloured eyes; some even have two colours in a single eye.

2. Golden Retriever

golden retriever outdoors
Picture Credit score: Chiemsee2016, Pixabay
Weight50-75 lbs
TraitsPlacid, clever, pleasant

Golden Retrievers are glorious household canine and an incredible addition to a household of first-time canine mother and father. Additionally they make nice help canine and are typically the best choice for Information Canine for the Blind.

They love water! Most Golden Retrievers take any alternative to splash round in water, and fortunately, their coats are thick and hold them heat after playtime.

3. Belgian Shepherd

Credit score: shymar27, Shutterstock
Weight40-75 lbs
TraitsObedient, clever, protecting

The Belgian Shepherd is an exquisite canine, and like many herding breeds, they require lots of train. Letting this canine out into the yard to run round gained’t be sufficient, although. They love spending time with their people, and also you’ll have to participate within the train periods. Go for runs collectively, or go to a park and play with a ball, and your Belgian Shepherd shall be completely happy!

4. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Picture Credit score: Lindasay, Pixabay
Weight30-40 lbs
TraitsDependable, affectionate, fearless

Staffordshire Bull Terriers love cuddles, however they’re very energetic canine. They get pleasure from assembly new people and being the middle of every little thing that’s happening at residence.

They’re very affectionate and type sturdy and lasting bonds with their household, making them very best household pets. They’ve been nicknamed “nanny canine” as a result of they’re recognized to be playful and affected person with kids. They’re additionally jumpers, so earlier than getting one, guarantee you’ve gotten a tall sufficient fence in your yard.

5. German Shepherd

German Shepherd Puppy
Picture Credit score: GSDLover, Pixabay
Weight50-90 lbs
TraitsClever, protecting, loyal

German Shepherds are recognized for working with the police and armed forces, however they have been initially bred for herding. This intuition continues to be sturdy, and so they should train to keep away from boredom. They’re loyal and simply skilled as a result of they’re one of many most intelligent breeds on the earth.

6. Labrador Retriever

labrador retriever lying inside dog cage
Picture Credit score: Parilov, Shutterstock
Weight55-80 lbs
TraitsOutgoing, mild, clever

Labradors are good household pets and can bond with the entire household, and their affected person nature makes them very best for households with kids. They’re similar to the Golden Retriever aside from slight variations. For instance, Labs are available in a number of completely different colours.

7. American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier_Shutterstock_Vladimirkarp
Picture Credit score: Vladimirkarp, Shutterstock
Weight23-70 lbs
TraitsTenacious, loyal, courageous

The American Staffordshire Terrier had a tragic begin and was bred for blood sports activities in the UK within the 18th and nineteenth centuries. For that reason, the breed is banned in some areas and has a nasty fame, however it stays a well-liked alternative in France.

The American Staffordshire Terrier might be hyper, however they don’t reside as much as their dangerous fame; they’re lovable and affectionate and make great household pets.

8. Cavalier King Charles

cavalier king charles spaniel_ErikaWittlieb_Pixabay
Picture Credit score: ErikaWittlieb, Pixabay
Weight13-30 lbs
TraitsPlayful, sociable, mild

Cavalier King Charles canine are in style in France, the UK, and america. They’re small and benefit from the firm of their households a lot that they will get fairly upset when left alone. They’re adaptable to the place they reside and luxuriate in nation and metropolis residing however require an lively household that may mentally problem them.

A group of scientists found they’re a tame breed as a result of they’re the furthest eliminated bodily and characteristically from wolves!

9. English Setter

English Setter dog
Picture Credit score: Zelma Brezinska, Shutterstock
Weight45-80 lbs
TraitsMischievous, clever, affectionate

English Setters are nice household pets that love kids and different pets. They have been initially bred for searching however are actually primarily companion canine. They’re recognized to have excessive vitality ranges, so be ready for many train to maintain them mentally and bodily match.

10. Beagle

an adorable beagle lying on grass outdoor
Picture Credit score: laureettaawilliams, Pixabay
Weight22-30 lbs
TraitsClever, mild, excitable

Beagles get their title from Center French. “Bee gueule” means “large throat,” which might be translated to “loud mouth!” They have been initially bred as scent hounds and are an adaptable breed. Beagles are perfect for first-time canine mother and father, due to their measurement and adaptableness. The most famous Beagle you’ve in all probability heard of is Snoopy from the Peanuts comedian.

11. English Cocker Spaniel

Credit score: Labrador Picture Video, Shutterstock
Weight26-32 lbs
TraitsSimple-going, energetic, mild

Cocker Spaniels are recognized for being “completely happy” canine, due to their wagging tails. They like to play and are agile and athletic. They have been initially bred as gun canine, however they’re nice companions and glorious household pets.

They thrive within the metropolis and nation once they have someplace secure they will run round and burn off all their vitality. They’ve stunning coats which can be excessive upkeep, and also you’ll want sufficient time to decide to their care should you take one on.

12. French Bulldog

french bulldog with collar
Picture Credit score: speckfechta, Unsplash
Weight16-28 lbs
TraitsShiny, energetic, sociable

Regardless of the title, French Bulldogs originated in England. It’s thought they appeared in Paris within the mid-nineteenth century after being imported from England.

French Bulldogs could be small, however they’re full of persona. As a result of they have been initially bred to be “companion” canine, they’re very people-orientated. This implies in addition they dislike being left alone, even for brief durations. They’re recognized for his or her bat-like ears, and so they’re not the very best swimmers, so hold them on a leash round water!

13. Brittany Spaniel

Brittany Spaniel
Picture Credit score: Annette Shaff, Shutterstock
Weight30-40 lbs
TraitsEnergetic, pleasant, vivid

Brittany Spaniels have been bred as gun canine initially. They make glorious household companions should you can meet their high-energy wants. They aren’t for everybody due to their train wants and the way hyper they are often. The Brittany Spaniel is well worth the effort, although. They’ve an brisk pleasure for all times and enthusiasm for every little thing they do. They’re merely completely happy souls, and their irrepressible pleasure is infectious.

14. Italian Yard Canine

male cane corso jumping
Picture Credit score: OlesyaNickolaeva, Shutterstock
Weight88-100 lbs
TraitsCalm, loyal, sporty

The Italian Yard Dog (or Cane Corso) is an Italian Mastiff breed often known as a guardian. It’s a devoted companion and a super household canine. They’re an enormous breed, and so they’re not for each household. The males are recognized to be dominant, and you’ll have to assert your self should you undertake one. Cane Corsos will get lonely if left alone for too lengthy.

15. Siberian Husky

Siberian Shepherd (German Shepherd x Siberian Husky)
Picture Credit score: Ovidiu Constantin Moraru, Shutterstock
Weight35-60 lbs
TraitsOutgoing, pleasant, mild

Siberian Huskies are often known as one of many quickest sled canine canine, and so they can run for hours with out tiring. They have been bred for very chilly climates and are very best companions for strolling up snowy mountains. They’re pleasant and can bark good day to everybody they meet.

Huskies are clever and likewise recognized for being naughty, and an skilled proprietor would in all probability be greatest. They’re recognized for his or her startling blue eyes, making them look nearly wolf-like, however they’re typically affectionate animals.



The French love their canine, which is one thing we are able to relate to. Our checklist has numerous sizes, appearances, and personalities, and surprisingly, it doesn’t have breeds with French origins. Regardless of all these variations, they’re introduced collectively by the love of the hundreds of people that have made them household, from the tiny Cavalier King Charles to the mighty Italian Yard Canine.

Featured Picture Credit score: Barthelemy de Mazenod, Unsplash

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