Top 5 Technological Advancement In Automobiles

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The 21st Century has accompanied massive advancements in technology. We now live in a world where the only thing you can guarantee is change; technology has played an enormous role in facilitating such changes. Over the past decade, we have witnessed advancements in communication, security, transport, and a lot more.

Experts have proven that today’s average smartphone is more advanced than the computer that guided the first astronauts to the moon. The automotive industry isn’t left out; car manufacturers have blown open the door of innovation with features like automatic parking, voice recognition, fuelless vehicles, keyless starts, liftgates, etc.

Here are the top five technological advancements in automobiles over the past decade:

1. Navigation

guided the first astronauts to the moon

The automobile industry has experienced several breakthroughs, from defender roof racks to heavy-duty engines. But the, present-day navigation systems are extraordinary advancements. GPS systems have been around for quite a while now, but the location feature in cars was prolonged a while back. Today, as a result of improvements in satellite imaging, you can get directions to any location you want all by the push of a button at incredible speeds.

The navigation feature in cars today works 24×7; whether you’re trying to find a gas station at midnight or going out for a late-night snack at McDonald’s, you receive accurate directions in a matter of seconds. Most GPS systems calculate your arrival time, alternative routes, and potential stops at either gas stations or superchargers for electric vehicles.

In addition to getting directions, the latest GPS systems allow you to download traffic information, driving instructions, satellite views, etc.

2. Auto Park

guided the first astronauts to the moon

Lexus introduced the automatic park feature far back in 2006; since then, it has become one of the most sought-after features in any modern vehicle. The auto park feature almost completely relieves the driver of the stress of parking their car. Although, the driver is occasionally required to apply the brake.

Today, virtually every car manufacturer tries their absolute best to include automated parking technology into their merchandise as customers are going nuts for it. The auto park feature is available in most premium brands like Tesla, BMW, JEEP, etc.

Tesla went the extra mile by including an auto summon feature in their latest vehicles, which allows you to summon your Tesla car using just your smartphone from a very short distance.

3. Fuelless Vehicles

Before the advent of technology, it was almost impossible to imagine a car that runs without fuel. Today, the popularity of electric vehicles is growing at an incredible rate. Automobile manufacturers see electric vehicles as the future. It’s no surprise that even premium brands like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Toyota that previously only manufactured fuel-powered vehicles are moving into the electric market.

An inbuilt battery powers electric vehicles. These batteries can easily be recharged at home or any of the superchargers located all over the country. The estimated charging time for any standard electric car from 0 to 100 percent with a regular AC charger is about 4 to 6 hours.

Six hours might be a long time for someone in a hurry. However, the battery can be charged from 0 to 80 percent at any supercharger housing a DC charger in just 30 minutes. Superchargers or charging stations are pretty scarce in most countries, but with the growth in popularity of Electric vehicles, that number is sure to increase.

4 Smartphone Integration

The smartphone and automobile industry is one of the fast-changing industries today. Today, smartphones can do extraordinary things compared to their predecessors. It feels suitable for smartphones and cars to be integrated to improve your driving experience.

Connecting your smartphone to your car might not sound new to anyone as you could easily plug in a USB pair your Bluetooth. However, that was limited to just playing audio and making calls. Today, numerous mobile applications are available for download, like Google Android Auto and Apple Car Play, allowing you to do amazing things with your smartphone and car.

In more recent automobiles, you’re able to read texts, make calls, watch movies, and locate the nearest restaurant, all from your vehicle. A recent feature with Tesla model 3 lets you play Beach Buggy Racing with your actual steering wheel. You utilize this feature, especially at a charging station; it helps with boredom.

5. Automatic Emergency Brake

guided the first astronauts to the moon

Most people who own or drive a car aren’t always quick to tap on the brake in emergencies like a runaway car, a child on the road, etc. Luckily, today’s generation of vehicles features a variety of sensors installed around the vehicle that can swiftly detect obstacles on the road or a rapidly decelerating vehicle ahead of you.

The auto emergency brake feature isn’t a luxury; instead, it is considered a safety feature. Once you’re behind the wheel, you’re expected to be 100% conscious of your surroundings, but this isn’t always the case, especially during long road trips; that’s where sensors come into play.

The sensor is calibrated alongside the brakes of the car. On detecting an obstacle, animal, a vehicle in a collision range, the sensors initiate the brakes to prevent collision with the obstacle.


Most cars available today come with the most basic technological features like navigation. Still, to truly experience the vast array of technological advancements, you should opt for cars from premium brands.

Technology will constantly evolve, and the automobile industry is no exception. We can only wait and imagine the future of the automobile industry.

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