Trusted heavy flow pads for stain-free days and nights

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Have you ever experienced heavy flow periods and achy cramps? Well, many women experience it. Heavy flow periods can also be a barrier to your everyday activities. When it comes to menstrual flow and cycle, each woman experiences it differently.

Some have normal bleeding, whereas others have light bleeding and there are some others that have it heavy. In such cases, where the flow is too heavy, you must consult a doctor. Additionally, you can utilize the heavy flow pads for stain-free days and nights. The pads are great for women who suffer from menorrhagia.

Menorrhagia is a condition in which women experience heavy menstrual bleeding abnormally. But you might be wondering if the pads are more than enough to be stain-free. You can read further and learn some of the advantages of these pads. But before that, you can read what the use of pads is.

What are pads?

In the past, women had no pads, and they would wear cloth or rags. Also, many would not venture outside their house during those days. At present, things have changed drastically, and women have completely stopped using cloth. They have started using pads.


Pads come in a variety of sizes for women who experience light and heavy bleeding. They are created in such a way that they can stick to your underwear. Many period pads are made out of super absorbent polymer and cotton.

Some women need to change their pads after every hour. That’s because they experience heavy menstrual bleeding. Basically, it entirely depends upon the flow of your menstrual period. As per a good thumb rule, it is recommended to change pads every 3 to 4 hours a day.

What are the advantages of wearing pads for heavy flow periods?

Wearing normal capacity pads for heavy flow does not quite have the desired effect as one must constantly change them every hour or so. Therefore, using pads meant specifically for heavy flow is extremely beneficial. Listed below are a few advantages of heavy flow pads.


  1. It is easy to use for women with heavy periods: Heavy flow can cause a nuisance each time you want to do some activity. You can use the pads easily. Wearing tampons can be a difficult task when you have periods. Hence, many look forward to purchasing pads.

You can wear pads that stick to your underwear. You can also utilize them overnight. To add further, you don’t have to worry about getting up in the middle of the night to change it. You can ensure a good night’s sleep when you wear it. If your pad is full, you can take a look and change your pad. Only you know when you must change your pads.

  1. Almost no risk of TTS: TTS stands for toxic shock syndrome. You are not at risk of developing TTS. According to a study, women and girls who use period pads are at a lower risk of developing TTS.
  2. It is super absorbent: While experiencing heavy periods, you will definitely need a super absorbent pad. The heavy flow pads have the ability to absorb a huge volume of blood in a short time. You can also check if the possibilities of backflow are eliminated.

It usually occurs when you apply pressure to the pads. If the color in your pad is a dull red, it means that it has absorbed effectively, allowing you to feel comfortable and dry. Additionally, you will be able to do your daily activities without any hassle.

  1. It is made from comfortable materials: As mentioned earlier, the pads are made out of cotton. In addition to this, you will also find plastic-netted pads in the market. Since each one’s skin is different, it is obvious that their comfort levels will vary.

Some prefer a netted layer, whereas others prefer a soft touch. As per a survey, the Kao Laboratories in Japan states that wearing a sanitary pad can affect the humidity levels of the body and make your skin tender, sensitive, and damp.

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