Understanding Permutations and Combinations

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Holding knowledge of basic concepts of any formula or term is important. It makes you have an ideal foundation in the context of understanding the subject. Permutation and combination are some of the most confusing chapters.

If you think that Permutations and Combinations are the same then you are wrong. These are two different terms in what objects are chosen from a set. They are chosen to form subsets without any replacement. A permutation is what subsets are chosen. Talking about the combination, it happens when order is not a factor.

Most candidates get confused in the context of concepts and the prominent differences between two important terms called permutations and combinations. If you are given 5 letters such as “A”, “B”, “C”, “D” and “E”. And you are called to choose two letters and it needs to follow the order of the section then you may come up with a total number of twenty outcomes including AB, BA, AC, CA and so on.

Each of these different outcomes is called a permutation. It means you need to take two objects at a time. Generally, permutation is explained by the symbol called “P”.

You might get a bit more clarity with this example. For example, you order a salad for dinner. It could be a mix of different vegetables such as carrots, radishes, lettuce, etc. You probably are not quite specific about what order for vegetables while being placed in your bowl.

All you care about is having a salad with different vegetables such as carrots, radishes, and so on. The salad probably has two different categories based on added vegetables such as “tomatoes, lettuce, radishes” or “lettuce, carrot, tomatoes. But it might be the same salad for you.

Now, if we talk about your bank account’s PIN, then things do not go the same. The PIN to an account could be 8-9-10. If you want to go through your account, you need to put the exact PIN so that you could get money from the ATM. Now, you cannot go with an attitude of you do not care about the specific number. It means you cannot put any other number or change the format of the number like 10-9-8. You have to put the same number following the same sequence to get your ATM accessed.

Here, the order is quite important. It means details matter a lot when it comes to permutation. It does not matter if those details are minor or major; they need to be followed to get the result. Following a permutation term, Red/yellow/green is completely different from Yellow/Red/Green since the order is important to follow.

Mathematics is easy if you get to understand the basics. Whether it is about the Complex Numbers or the terms called permutation and combinations, they are a bit tricky until you understand its basics. Once you get clarity about it, things get quite easier indeed.

Talking about combinations, details do not matter a lot. It means if you say that red/yellow/green is different from green/yellow/red then you are wrong. In the context of combination, both terms are correct. Permutations mean order matters a lot indeed. And the combination is all about the groups.

This is the prominent difference between both of these terms. You should go through the online mock test to solve the questions based on these key terms to have a better understanding. Many online sites are available with different exercises to develop a good understanding of it.

Conclusion –

We hope that now it has cleared to you the difference between permutation and combination. Here, we tried to mention quite a simple and easy example to make you understand easily.

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