Video Production in Business: The New-Age Marketing

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As the attention spans drop, businesses ponder ways to market their brands while enticing and retaining their audience’s attention. Like many other businesses owners in Australia, you would have stumbled over video production and wish to explore this path.

Video production or video marketing helps businesses tell their stories and impart knowledge of their products and services. You can also hire a video tech company in Australia to create compelling videos.

This post highlights the importance of video production in businesses. Read on and market your business the new way!

What is Video Production in Business?

Video production in business is creating videos for promotions, building brand awareness, and generating business leads.

Businesses in Australia can hire video production companies to create the following content.

● Company overview

● Product demo

● Video blog

● Social video 

● Customer testimonial 

Videos are powerful mediums to demonstrate and evoke a response. Hence, video marketing has been a boon for businesses in generating leads and increasing sales.

Australian firms find video production companies extremely resourceful in helping them a game up their campaigns.

How Has Video Production Boosted Businesses?

In 2020-2021, 59% of adult Australians consumed digital video content on their smartphones. Hence, 60% of firms started utilizing video marketing strategies to boost their businesses.

Are you wondering how video production can boost your business? The pointers below highlight the importance of videos in the industry.

Tell Your Story

You can choose various mediums to tell your story to your audience. One of the most effective ways to relate your account is c//reating a video.

You can effectively walk your audience through your brand story and the products and services through videos. In addition, you can grab and retain their attention better than the other mediums.

Influences Buying Decision

According to Forbes, 90% of customers vouch that product videos have helped them buy. Videos help marketers understand the products and services so potential clients can stay captivated.

With a better understanding of the brand, customers are sure proof and make an informed buying decision.

Search Engine Favours Videos

A video strategy is effective when the search engine favours the videos. The following pointers point out some ways to rank high.

● Clean cuts

● Thoroughly documented 

● Includes descriptions and tags

● Complying with the search engine

If you run a small business and intent to generate brand awareness, you can create videos in your niche on YouTube. Search engines will rank your videos, and thus, you can grow your business.

Easy to Consume Content

Like many other Australians, you would have observed that consuming content in video forms is easier than the other mediums.

As videos include visuals, audio and stimulate real-life experience, they are easier to consume. Thus, you can bring this to your advantage and grow your business organically with video production.

Reach Decision Makers

Several Australian business executives watch work-related videos and share them with their colleagues each week. Hence, video production in your business can increase the chances of reaching the decision-makers and gaining high-ticket Australian clients.


As businesses progress towards newer forms of marketing, they reach new benchmarks too. Video marketing has been a catalyst in boosting many firms in Australia.

Video production has shown exceptional results for a small firm, a mid-sized enterprise, or a multinational company.

Are you a business owner wishing to promote your business with video marketing? Hire a video tech company in Australia and get ace corporate videos to generate leads!

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