Vocabulary – Speaking about MOVIES in English

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http://www.engvid.com Let’s lower to the chase — all of us love motion pictures. We love to speak about our favourite motion pictures, however do not have the best phrases. On this lesson we’ll go over some frequent film vocabulary that you simply repeatedly hear, in addition to some slang and Hollywood lingo that may show you how to perceive your favourite stars speak about what they do. Take the quiz right here:


Hello once more, I am Adam. Welcome again to www.engvid.com. Immediately’s lesson is about motion pictures. Now, so far as I do know, everyone loves motion pictures; I like motion pictures, I am positive you like motion pictures. And there’re a number of phrases that must do with motion pictures that you simply won’t be conversant in, however they’re excellent to know if you wish to speak about motion pictures with your mates or whoever. So that is what we’ll take a look at at this time, speaking about motion pictures. I will provide you with a complete bunch of vocabulary, I am positive a few of them are usually not so new, a few of them can be very new. We have now some slang and a few idioms that come from motion pictures. Loads of great things. Let’s get began.

We’ll begin with this phrase: “style”. Are you able to say that? “Style”. Lots of people have an issue with this “g”. So the best way I clarify it all the time is to say this phrase: “measure”, like measure a weight or measure quantity of one thing. Everyone is aware of this phrase, everyone is aware of this letter. “Measure”, “je”, it is between a “g” and a “j” and an “s”; it is a bit of a mix. This sound: “measure”, is identical as this “g”, “style”. When you’re French: “je”. “Je t’adore” or: “Je t’amore”. Good things. Proper? So “style”, what’s a “style”? “Style” is the kind of film we’re speaking about. Now, you already know drama, you already know comedy, you already know motion, you already know sci-fi, science-fiction, documentary, etcetera.

Have you ever ever heard of a “chick flick”? You are pondering: “Chick flick, by no means heard of that earlier than. What’s a ‘chick flick’?” Nicely, first, what’s a “chick”? A “chick” is a lady or a woman, however do not say this to a lady or a woman. And if you’re a lady or a woman, I apologize. I do not name ladies “chicks”, however it occurs. “Chicks”, ladies. “Flick” is slang for film. A “chick flick” is a woman film or girl film. Proper? What it means is a love story or a romance, one thing that makes you cry. It makes you cry since you’re so unhappy on the finish, it makes you cry since you’re so completely happy on the finish; it is a very emotional film. Normally, ladies go to see these motion pictures. Males, not a lot, they do not like them a lot.

Males go to see the “bromance”. What’s a “bromance”? A “bromance” is a romance involving bros, brothers, two guys who may be somewhat bit too shut to one another. They don’t seem to be homosexual, they’re simply two good buddies. Proper? Two dudes hanging out and spending an excessive amount of time collectively, we name {that a} “bromance”. That is what the fellows go to see. Chick flick, that is what the women go to see.

One other one is a “romcom”, a romantic comedy shortened; squeezed collectively: “romcom”. So there you could have three new genres to consider.

Now, listed below are a pair idioms that come straight from the films. “Reduce to the chase.” Now, first: what’s “the chase”? Many motion motion pictures, most motion motion pictures in some unspecified time in the future within the film have a automobile chase or someone chasing someone like cops and robbers. Catch Me If You Can, everyone’s chasing Leonardo DiCaprio. So “the chase” is normally probably the most thrilling a part of the film. So when somebody says: “Reduce to the chase”, means: get to the purpose, get to the thrilling half, get to what it’s essential to say. Do not waste time. “Reduce” means within the film you chop to the chase. Proper? To the purpose.

One other expression is: “That is a wrap.” Within the previous days, once they really used to have movie in like the large rolls of movie, once they completed a scene or once they completed the film, they might wrap your complete reel (r-e-e-l), they might wrap it, bundle it, and ship it to… Do no matter they do with motion pictures. So “That is a wrap”, means completed, we’re completed, we’re accomplished, let’s transfer on to the subsequent factor. So there you could have two new idioms to fret about.

That is simply an abbreviation for “miscellaneous”, means simply usually phrases that I thought of for motion pictures. “A-lister”. An “A-lister” is a really prime stage movie star; actor, actress, musician, etcetera. “A-lister”, they’re on the very best checklist; they get into all of the bars, all of the golf equipment, they take advantage of motion pictures… Sorry. They take advantage of cash. Everyone desires to be round them. A “B-lister”, a “C-lister”, a “D-lister”, they’re like down there. Possibly they will get invited to love a pet present or one thing like that.


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