Ways to keep your mind sharp this fall even if you’re not going back to school

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Even if you’re not going back to school this fall, there are still ways in which you can keep your brain sharp and increase your skill set. You simply have to take it upon yourself to make time to do these things, but it can be so rewarding!

1) Listen to podcasts

There are so many educational podcasts out there that can make it easy to keep up with current news, past events and can help you to learn something new. If you want to educate yourself and be in the know about what is going on in the world around you, then a podcast is a great thing to get into.

Listening to podcasts can also cut down on the amount of time you spend in front of a screen. Especially when you are trying to work on your focus and attention, it can help to listen to a podcast and do other things while doing so.

2) Learn or switch up a hobby

“Picking up a hobby is such a great way to keep your mind sharp because you are constantly learning new things and picking up new skills. Hobbies are very educational, and you can also share this hobby with others if you want to.

The best thing about having a hobby is that you don’t always have to stick with the same ones. Try changing up your hobby, joining a group, or increasing the difficulty of your hobby. This will help to always keep it educational, but also interesting so you don’t get bored.”

Tip submitted via HARO by Rose Wismans, the Founder of FudgeMyLife.org.

3) Join online classes

If you want to learn a new skill, or hobby, or want to join a college all at your own pace, it can be beneficial to join some online classes. Whether this is to get a better job or to simply make things interesting, joining a class online can help to keep your brain sharp. Learning is extremely important, and you should continue to do so throughout your life.

You can learn to knit, play piano, learn how to critically think, or join a college from far away, all online. This makes it easy to find something you like as you are not as limited to what you can do.

4) Upskilling

“Upskilling can be a great way to keep learning and improving upon yourself without having to go back to school. There are often opportunities through your job where you can increase your skill set, and not have to pay anything. It can help to ask your manager what opportunities there are, some of which could include mentoring if you’re interested in changing your position or looking to get promoted.

Knowing where you might be lacking in terms of skills is helpful because you can find ways to improve upon them both outside and inside your work.”

Tip submitted via HARO by Hart Cunningham, the Sole owner and Founder of Enroll.

5) Volunteer

Volunteering is not only rewarding, but it can help you to keep your brain sharp, especially if you want to do something that might be out of your comfort zone. If you are always pushing yourself, you are always learning something, even about yourself. Volunteering somewhere that is completely different from what you do at your job is a great option as you will be learning very different skills and educating yourself constantly.

6) Read

Reading is such an underrated way to keep learning. Whether it’s the newspaper, fiction or nonfiction, magazines or audiobooks, reading is a pleasurable way to educate yourself. Reading exercises your brain and gets your creative juices flowing. It allows you to be creative, improve your critical thinking skills and improves simple things like literacy.

Reading is also known for how helpful it is at keeping yourself focused which is a great skill to acquire. It also improves your memory which is a good thing to do as we age.

7) Get busy with your hands

“Using your hands is a great way to keep your mind sharp and can even make you a smarter, more detailed person. If you want to keep your mind sharp between school years, or after you’ve finished school for your lifetime, then you should learn how to use your hands to build things. It can be crafts, models, carpentry, cabinetry, and so much more.

This type of work can keep you sharp, build the strength of collaboration between your mind and body, and just keep you active. It’s a great way to keep your mind focused at all times.”

Tip submitted via HARO by Edward Flower, the Managing Director of Hollington Doors Ltd.

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