What are the Different Types of Fridges?

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Many types of fridges are available in the Indian market. Thus it is a normal thing to get confused especially when you are entirely new to availing fridge rental. When you seek help from others, some say that single-door refrigerators are ideal for domestic use. Also, there are users according to whom frost-free refrigerators are the best. If you are among those who are still overwhelmed with what to choose, this article will guide you in the right direction.

We will enlist the features one after another so that after reading them, you can take the ultimate decision independently.

As of 2022, Indian houses are mainly comprised of refrigerators that are evaluated based on any one of the following parameters:

  • Compressor type
  • Number of doors
  • Defrost type
  • Door orientation

Types of Fridges Based on Compressor

A compressor is the central functioning unit of any refrigerator. The compressor is responsible for maintaining an optimum calm atmosphere throughout the refrigerator so that the food remains fresh for a long time. It pumps the refrigerant gas by utilizing electrical energy from the current source.

According to the compressor type, we have the inverter and non-inverter refrigerators. In inverter fridges, the compressor functions variable depending on the total load. This efficient feature allows less electricity consumption when the refrigerator is not filled with food.

Non-inverter compressors lack this innovative feature, and thus, they are installed only in low-cost fridges. Furthermore, these compressors either operate at total capacity or stay entirely off. This is a drawback as the energy consumption is maximum even when the refrigerator is almost empty. Thus we highly suggest you rent an inverter refrigerator as though it may cost a bit more, but the electricity bill will be much lesser. This is an essential consideration as fridges run almost throughout the day.

Fridge Based on Defrost Type

Here, we come across the popular frost-free variant that uses electrical fans to spread a cool breeze evenly across the interior. Advanced versions of frost-free refrigerators can control individual fans for cooling down a specific region faster when we place a hot item from outside. This is a unique facility only seen in the multi-door fridge. Another refrigerator in defrost category is named direct cool. However, it is not preferred these days as the user needs to clear ice manually once in a while from these fridges.

Fridge Categories as Per Door Orientation

Top freezer refrigerators are most popular under this subhead. As the name suggests, the fridge part rests below a freezer compartment. Similarly, a rare variant called a bottom freezer refrigerator comes with a freezer placed below the two refrigerator doors. The latest innovation has called for fridges with two vertical halves like an almirah or cupboard. These are generally high-capacity refrigerators, with a minimum of around 435 liters.


Before renting refrigerators, we recommend the user consider factors like power consumption, cooling time, capacity, the volume of the fridge, etc. These have been discussed for each type in this blog. People similarly seem to be clueless when they search for an ideal washing machine on rent in Noida. Power consumption and the machine’s working principle must be the two primary indicators for that purpose. It is better to go for front load washing machines as they require less water (almost 1/3rd) than top-load washers for cleaning the same quantity of garments.

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