What Industries Does Bright Pattern Serve?

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Some companies emphasize direct sales to consumers. These include retailers and service providers, such as home warranty companies and landscapers. Other

businesses focus on providing services to one industry. For example, companies that sell farm equipment sell goods to farmers.

Other businesses provide services to multiple industries. They supply hardware, software, or services that enhance business operations in multiple sectors, enabling various companies to improve customer service, increase efficiency, and generate higher revenues. Let’s look at Bright Pattern software and the industries Bright Pattern serves.

Bright Pattern Software

Many companies use inbound call centers and outbound call centers for various tasks. Inbound call centers employ customer service representatives (CSRs) who

respond to communications from customers. They may answer emails or inbound calls. Outbound contact center staff place calls to potential clients or donors. They sell goods or services or solicit donations from the people they call. Outbound call centers may also employ debt collectors who pursue outstanding payments on

behalf of creditors.

Contact centers improve efficiency with custom software. Business owners can visit brightpattern.com to learn about Bright Pattern’s platform. Their software features artificial intelligence (AI) technology, allowing the software to process incoming communications and direct queries to the appropriate agents. This reduces the number of times clients have to be transferred between agents, improving efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction. The software supplies all agents with customer relationship management (CRM) data, enabling call center representatives to provide personalized services to clients.

Using an omnichannel quality management system enables your representatives to respond to any type of communication with ease. Customers can opt to phone,

email, or send an SMS text to your contact center and be confident their message will be directed to the appropriate agent.

Bright Pattern software also works with multiple programs, such as Oracle, Zendesk, and Zoho. This means call centers can integrate Bright Pattern software without

replacing existing programs.

Current Clients

sell goods or services


Insurance companies, educational companies, and financial institutions use Bright Pattern software. Medical testing facilities have CSRs use this software to contact patients to remind them about upcoming medical tests. CSRs can also phone

patients to schedule appointments or tests. Medical facilities may also use a contact center for bill collection and process incoming communications from patients who need to schedule or cancel appointments. Bright Pattern contact center software is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant, making it an ideal option for medical facilities operating call centers.

Service-based industries may use contact center software to track calls to existing or potential clients. Vendors selling goods or promoting services can use contact center software to update client information. CSRs may refer to notes about prior clients to determine whether they may be interested in new products or need to order more supplies. Call center software has an autodialer, preventing CSRs from making mistakes when entering phone numbers and saving CSRs time.

Potential Clients


Any business that handles high volumes of incoming or outgoing calls may benefit

from Bright Pattern software. Research companies may use this software to manage outgoing calls and conduct surveys. Companies dealing with high call volumes, such as utility and internet companies, may also use this software in their contact centers.

Law firms may use Bright Pattern software to process incoming calls from potential clients. Large law firms employ multiple lawyers who provide legal services to clients. Lawyers offer free consultations, enabling potential clients to discuss their cases with an attorney before hiring a firm. Contact center software lets CSRs enter pertinent client data into the system while determining which attorney should

address the caller’s queries. This software enables the attorney to prepare for the call without repeating the same questions the CSR asked, enabling attorneys to save time and promptly address the caller’s needs.

Bright Pattern software reduces errors, saves CSRs time, and increases customer satisfaction rates. Financial, insurance, educational, retail, and medical companies are just some businesses that may use this software in their contact centers.

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