What is extruded finned tube

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Aluminum Extruded finned tube, also called “integral finned tubes” use the form of the base tube covered with aluminum tube(the base tube can be carbon steel, stainless steel, copper) through machine extrusion, forming a tube fin, the fin base, and the tube outer wall is close-fitting, this fin tubing control can make finned tubes with high heat transfer coefficient and heat transfer performance. The extruded finned tube can be made of iron, copper, or aluminum tube by compound rolling, which has the advantages of tight bonding, small thermal resistance, good heat transfer performance, high strength, small flow loss, strong anti-corrosion performance, not easy to deformation under long-term hot and cold working conditions, long working life and so on.

The extruded finned tube manufacturing process

Pipeline——compressing or rolling——strip peeling——washing——pressure test——blast blowing——packaging.

The extruded fin tube is formed by a bimetallic tube consisting of an aluminum outer tube and an inner tube of almost any material. The fin is formed by rolling the material from the outside of the outer tube to provide an integrated fin with excellent heat transfer performance and life. The extruded fins provide excellent corrosion protection for the base tube.

The production method of the composite finned tube mainly includes the extrusion method: the bimetallic composite tube is lined with a mandrel and driven by the rotation of the rollerblade, the composite tube is processed on the outer surface through the cavity formed by the rolling groove and the core head Out fins. The heat transfer tube produced by this method is an organic whole with its outer tube and fins, so there is no problem of contact heat loss, and it has good performance and high heat transfer efficiency.

Extruded finned tube

Extruded finned tube advantage

Compared with the ordinary wound finned tube, the contact thermal resistance remains stable in a large range with the temperature change, so the heat transfer performance of the bimetallic aluminum extruded finned tube is better than the spiral fin tube in the limit tube wall temperature range.

In addition, compared with the coiled tube, the bimetallic aluminum extruded fin tube has outstanding corrosion resistance and high strength. It can withstand 4.0MPa water pressure cleaning, but the fins still do not fall down the base of the bimetallic aluminum extruded tube. The tube can be selected according to the corrosion of the fluid in the tube and the processing technology. The base tube can be carbon steel, copper, stainless steel, etc.

Extruded finned tube applications

Extruded finned tubes are the main equipment for air coolers and are commonly used as heat exchangers in power plants (electric, nuclear, thermal, and geothermal). Steam condensate system. Chemical and petrochemical industries. Food processing plants and refrigeration technology. Industry (steel mills, incinerators, gas compression facilities). Petrochemical, power plant and power plant renovation, air conditioning and refrigeration, boilers, finned tube economizers, and air preheaters. The maximum working temperature is 280°C-300°C.

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