Why Choose A Metal Roof In Fort Lauderdale Florida


Due to many benefits, metal roofing is quickly becoming the norm among Floridian homeowners. The metal roofing industry has grown tremendously in the past few years alone! Metal roofs offer longevity, superb wind resistance, little needed maintenance, and protection from fires. 

While there are numerous reasons more homeowners are selecting metal roofing, one is that people in Florida are becoming less transient. As more folks opt to stay in their homes for longer, the benefit of a low-maintenance roof with such robust strength becomes quite attractive. 

The more considerable upfront expense of installing a metal roof is the only noteworthy drawback, and the inability to match colors if you need to make repairs ideally. However, metal roofs are as strong and rarely require repairs, so the color matching problem is never an issue most people deal with. 


The reality is that no other roofing material commonly used in Florida today lasts for a more extended time than metal. If you live in a temperate zone that will go through hurricanes, investing your money in a roof that will last a lifetime is brilliant. A metal roof installation can hold up for over 50 years if properly maintained, whereas, with a shingle roof, you are very fortunate to have it last ten years in Florida. 

Wind Resistance  

Floridians have no more significant selling point; the extreme wind resistance of a metal roof bars none. In a part of the country well-known for roof-wrecking hurricanes, this provides some peace of mind to homeowners. A properly installed metal roof can hold up to the scariest hurricanes the natural world offers. 

Modern Appeal

Residences using modern metal designs are pretty alluring, with a profound departure from the old metal barns many people envision when metal roofing is an option. With a significant variance in both colors and designs, metal roofing instantly increases the aesthetics of a home. 

Increase Home Value 

Besides its long lifespan and aesthetic look, a new metal roof is a beneficial install a metal roof; regardless of which metal is used, it will assuredly raise the home value. In addition, would-be buyers will benefit from purchasing a home where they will never need to replace the roof. 

Better Energy Efficiency 

Metal roofing has two advantageous weapons against the intense Florida sun. A metal roof’s first defense is its reflectivity; a lot of heat is diverted from the house via reflection. Its second defensive advantage is that a metal roof is emissive, being that it quickly does away with the unnecessary heat that doesn’t get transferred into the home. As a result, there should be impressive monthly savings on the FPL bill when selecting metal roofing since asphalt transfers such large amounts of heat. 

Environmentally Positive 

You’ll be happy to know that a metal roof is 100% recyclable for those mindful of the natural world. However, it goes right into a landfill compared to an asphalt roof. 

Fire Resistant 

Knowing your metal roof is fire resistant, it may be easier to sleep at night. Metal roofing in Fort Lauderdale can take on lightning strikes and wildfire and still not catch a flame. 

Less Expensive Homeowners Insurance 

You should save extra cash every month by simply informing the insurance company that you switched to metal roofing. Since metal roofs have a possible 70-year lifespan, the insurance companies know they will never be installing a new roof on your home. 

The maintenance for a metal roof is relatively low. However, deciding which roofing material to select for a roof replacement is a decision that should be reached after being fully informed. This writing aims to bring light to the advantages of a metal roof installation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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