Why Do We Need Online Teacher Training Courses?

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The teacher training courses refer to the procedures, provisions, and policies to improve the teachers’ knowledge, skills, and attitude to deal with the students in the classroom effectively. If you think about why you need online teacher training courses, go through this guide. Here we have listed some benefits of online teaching courses. 

●   Learning required skills: The most crucial reason online teacher training courses in India are needed to let the teachers improve their educational skills, including critical thinking skills, time management skills, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and many more. The application of these skills effectively in the classroom results in an improvement in students’ grades, which further helps in the growth of educators. Not only skills, but teachers can also improve their technical knowledge and learn efficient ways to motivate students to participate in interactive learning.

●   Planning and delivering interactive lessons: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, classes are conducted online almost in every educational institution. So, it has become important for teachers to learn how to plan and deliver interactive lessons online. It is natural for students to feel bored during online classes because of limited interaction with the teachers. The online teaching courses offer educators the latest methods to keep their curriculum and classroom fresh, interesting, and highly knowledgeable. Through these training courses, teachers can learn new and fun ways of teaching, including gamification, smartboard, etc., which further makes the concepts clearer to the students. 

●   Usage of technology: The biggest benefit of online teacher training courses is that now teachers can learn the use of the latest technology, helping them optimize the classroom experience for the students. Through LMS and e-learning platforms, educators can focus their energies on pedagogical functionalities. The capability of the teachers to automate marking of the assessments, digital issuance of tests and reviews, and tracking the progress of students with the help of reporting tools and analytics reports transform the education industry into a more accommodating and innovative landscape which puts the requirements of students first. 

●   Boosting career: Online teaching courses improve the teaching skills of educators and receive certificates on the completion of a particular period. These certificates make their resume look more attractive. Most educational institutions look for teachers with appropriate degrees and certificates for a specific subject. This is because a professionally certified teacher can deliver engaging lectures according to the latest curriculum by using the latest teaching strategies and methodologies. Having professional certificates help teachers to get better jobs at excellent schools and high salary packages. 

●   Planning and Asking Questions: It is the questions planning and asking skills on which the structure of the assessments and papers depend. It has been seen that many teachers are good in theory, but when it comes to asking questions or answering the questions of students, they are not so good. Many online teacher training courses are available in India, which are specifically designed to improve educators’ question planning and asking skills. Refining these skills will help teachers ask questions in such a way that prompts the students to be actively involved in the learning process. 

●   Learning at Individual Pace: Now that teachers are already teaching in the classroom, they do not have sufficient time to work on their teaching skills by attending physical classrooms, and so, online teaching courses act as a boon for them. They can now refine their teaching skills, strategies, and learning styles at their own pace and schedule. There is no need for them to take out time from their busy schedule and travel a certain distance to attend professional classes. All they need is a mobile or laptop and an internet connection to maximize their teaching potential. 

●   Application of Educational Theories: Now more than ever, as technology is evolving, students and youth are using online platforms to access information, ideas and concepts, communicate, and share the same via technology. The online teaching courses enable educators to tap into this realm of technology learning by embracing theory using different multimedia channels, including video and chat in the real world. In these courses, teachers learn to harness the power of regularly used technologies to impart educational theories effectively to the classrooms. Hand-on experience provided by professional teaching courses allows the teachers to understand the application of technologies in real classroom settings. 

●   Practicality: The teacher training courses online provide access to the much-required teaching information to the educators, helping them deliver practical lectures to the students. An efficient teacher can provide qualitative knowledge to the students using time and cost-effective methods. For instance, learning how to use LMS will allow the teachers to create qualitative assessments and quizzes within much less time. Also, LMS technology permits the automated checking and marking of those assessments and examinations. Practicality also includes the ability of the teachers to reconstruct the current curriculum using the latest templates and track the progress of students digitally. All this is covered under a professional teaching course. 

●   Managing Classroom Dynamics: Teachers’ job is not only to deliver lectures but also to manage the classroom. Often teachers come across both good and weak students. Where it is easy to manage good students, some students create certain problems for the teachers time and again. Teaching courses guide the teachers to deal with these students to create a peaceful classroom environment. Not only this but teachers are also taught ways to prepare teaching schedules to deliver timely lectures online.

Final Words

We can rightly say that online teaching courses offer more than one benefit. They empower the teachers to improve teaching skills, learning styles, or teaching strategies to meet the system and students’ expectations. And second, they also encourage them to explore and learn ahead of the curriculum so that they can make learning functional and engaging relevant to today’s growing inclusion of ed-tech. So, enrolling in such courses is a win-win situation. 

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