Why is moss growth harmful to your roofs and buildings?

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Moss is basically an aggregation of small non-vascular plants which form a mat-like covering on the surface where it grows. Mosses tend to grow in damp and dark surfaces and areas and are often harmful to surfaces, especially if it is your roof or other buildings.

Ignoring the growth of moss on your roofs can cost you a lot. It does not take much for the proper growth of moss, so eradicating the growth from the beginning is important. If a single spore inhabits your roof, it will spread like wildfire in that area. Now coming to the issues, you will be facing if moss is not removed.


The heavy blanket of moss retains a lot of water, and this moisture is extremely lethal for your roof or any surface where the moss is growing. The moisture can cause damp formation on the walls, and as a result, molding will happen. There will be greater chances of fungal growth, and other harmful things can grow and infect the air of your house as well. Ultimately the moisture will cause mold formation and will hamper the construction as well. The mold can cause insect growth as well.

Hole formation.

Moss growing on wooden surfaces is a dangerous thing. So if your house is made of wood and moss is inhabiting the surface, it will be extremely lethal for your entire construction. The moisture will affect the quality of wood and facilitate molding and growth of harmful entities like termites etc., as a result, and holes will form on the surface. The formation of holes ultimately will ultimately cause severe structural damages.

How can you treat moss?

One of the potent ways to get rid of moss is clearing it out on the initial days of its growth. If you see small mats of moss growing on your roof, do not delay the removal, immediately clear the surface and try to keep the surface clean and free of moisture at the same time.

Other than that, you can use moss treatment powder which you can buy from any store selling pesticide, insecticide, and weed controlling agents. 

Other than that, you can obviously hire professional services to help you in getting rid of moss and molds effectively. This is probably the most functional way to get rid of moss because professional services focus on using effective methods and products that can permanently clear out moss from your roof surface.

Moss removal services are done by experienced professionals who have been working in this sector for an extensive period of time and know the appropriate ways to stop the growth as well.

B&T’s Tree service Clearwater FL is an amazing option when it comes to moss removal, be it from your roof surface or trees. They know the correct ways and products that will bring effective results and save your properties from getting severely damaged.

You can book their services for the most reasonable prices and get rid of moss blankets effortlessly.

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