Why Pooja Camphor Tablets are Popular

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In an Indian pooja, various types of ingredients are required. The reason behind that is that in Indian culture, humans present everything to God to get impressed. Giving God’s whole level of satisfaction is the primary thing that every human does. Due to this, every pooja consists of different types of flowers, fruits, and other materials. In most pooja, the people use light diyas and pooja sticks. Not only has that but the camphor tablets also. Finding the pooja camphor is now very easy in online mode. 

Why it is used

The reason why most of the pooja consist of camphor tablets is very much easy. Most of the time, it is believed that having the pooja camphor tablets in the pooja is very good. It gives an entirely positive vibe during the pooja. Not only that, but the camphor tablets are very much fire-friendly, and hence, they help to burn faster. In the Indian pooja, the camphor tablets are in place in a container of brass or bronze. 

Most people used to place the camphor tablets in brass or bronze. These materials are entirely pure considering the puja and completely hygiene also. In the Indian pooja, the camphor tablets are in use so that the people can do the aarti. In the aarti and lighting, the diyas the camphor tablets are in use the most. The best thing is that if the element is not catching fire, placing the camphor tablets in it helps the most.

Likely to fire

The camphor tablets catch fire quickly, and hence, one person can do the puja in a very safe manner. One of the best things about camphor tablets is that they are very addictive. The fragrance which the camphor tablets consist of is very attractive. Besides, burning the camphor tablets leaves a very good scent in it. Due to this, it also gives a beautiful and peaceful environment during the complete pooja. 

The unique thing about the camphor tablets is that it is in use on special occasions only. Most of the time, the people only use the camphor tablets during the special puja. The pooja, which is happening in the temple, only regularly uses the pooja camphor tablets. Apart from that, the camphor tablets are not regularly used if the pooja is done at the homes. 

Used on a special occasion

On some special occasions or big festivals, only the camphor tablets are used inside the home to give the house a different and peaceful vibe. The price of the camphor tablets for pooja is very much low. One person can get the complete package of the camphor tablets just by spending a few bucks. 


Camphor tablets are very good in the pooja. Most people use the camphor tablets in the pooja. It gives an entirely different and peaceful vibe to the complete pooja hour. Having a perfect fragrance also makes it much more attractive.

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