Why So Many UK Drivers Are Turning to Two Wheels This Summer


We all know that the majority of UK bike riders are fair-weather road users, preferring to store their bike at the end of September until the next spring, when the weather warms up. Of course, there are those die-hard bikers who ride in all weathers, but the majority avoid riding in the cold winter months and if you wonder why so many UK people have switched to two wheels in the summer, here are a few reasons.

Cheap Motoring

When you compare the cost of running a bike and a car, the bike wins hands down! Not only is the bike cheaper on fuel, road tax and insurance are also much cheaper, as is servicing. Imagine the fuel cost of taking your car for a 3-week jaunt around the tourist regions of the UK? If you are already convinced and would like to view stunning bikes, check out Honda bikes at Wheels Motorcycles, a leading UK bike dealer who has new and used machines with low-interest finance.

No Traffic Woes

Ever sat in a long traffic jam and watched with envy as bikers fly by? This is one of the major pluses of biking and let’s face it, there are long traffic back-ups when you get near the coast during the great British summer. Big events attract large crowds, as you would expect and rather than sitting in a running car for a couple of hours, ride straight into the bike parking area and you’re done! When you have to be somewhere at a certain time, leave the car in the garage, jump on your big bike and you’ll be there in no time!

Easy Parking

Parking a bike is a breeze when compared to a car and you’ll be parked up in minutes (traffic wardens seem to forget about two-wheel parking, which is yet another plus for the bike). Every town and city has bike parking spaces allocated, and there are more spaces than bikes so you’ll always find a spot.

Freedom & Adventure

Bike riding is a whole lot of fun, even when you ride responsibly (we always do) and there’s nothing like planning an expedition into the north of Wales or the West Country. Many couples pack their camping gear and head off on their tour to some of the nicest regions of Great Britain and as camping costs next to nothing, your wallet will be really happy. On the subject of travel and adventure, here is the ultimate checklist for the prepared traveller.

Travel Independence

There’s nothing to stop you donning your leather gear, grabbing your helmet on the way out and jumping on your bike and once you get out of the city, the UK roads run through beautiful countryside, the perfect remedy after a long and tiring day at work. When you plan a camping trip, you can change the schedule at any time, even add a few days if you are having a ball.

Prior to setting off on a bike ride, do check with the UK government about Covid travel restrictions, just in case your destination is in a restricted zone.