Zeroxposur Jacket Review


Zeroxposur offers a selection of winter jackets designed to accommodate every member of the family and provide just-right warmth during those outdoor winter adventures.

Fill power is one of the main elements to consider when purchasing down jackets, as this refers to how much air is trapped within each individual cluster of down. Fill power directly relates to warmth as well as how compactible and compressible each jacket is.


Zeroxposur jackets feature either natural down from geese and ducks or synthetic insulation like Coreloft and PlumaFill to provide warmth, compressibility and weather resistance. While natural down is usually warmer due to its lighter weight and loft retention ability even when damp, synthetic insulation provides higher calorie per volume ratio but less breathability and moisture management properties than its counterpart.

Fill power of a jacket is directly related to its warmth as this process involves trapping air in vacant spots before heating it using your body heat. As its fill power increases, so will its warmth as more air will be trapped and therefore heated by your body heat – meaning more trapped air means warmer feelings! The higher its fill power (FP), the warmer you’ll feel.

Fill weight is also significant but has less of an impactful warming impact than fill power (FP). Instead, fill weight has an indirect influence by increasing compressibility in jackets.

Many insulated jackets feature 3-in-1 construction, allowing users to wear both the inner midlayer and outer shell separately or zip them together depending on your needs. This feature is particularly advantageous when venturing out in wetter environments since outer jackets typically include water resistance through fabric face material with DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating applied, or DWR front panels that protect you from windproof front areas that don’t directly face elements such as rain. Stretch side panels for increased mobility or windproof front areas make these jackets particularly suitable.


Zeroxposur offers performance apparel designed for all family members. Their products combine fashion and function for optimal performance on any surface from ski slopes to beach volleyball courts. Their innovative products combine fashion and function for optimal innovation.

This lightweight snow jacket for women packs easily into its own pocket for convenient travel storage on cold days. Crafted of polyester fabric for durability and insulation, as well as stretchability to allow movement on outdoor adventures and quick drying times when wet, this insulated piece includes a faux fur trim hood to keep your head warm on colder days.

When shopping for a Zeroxposur puffer coat, choose one with high fill power and low compressibility. A higher fill power means warmer jacket. Remember that fill power and compressibility are linked – higher quality jackets provide more warmth while taking up less space in your bag!

These ZeroXposur swim shorts are specially designed to keep you comfortable when working up a sweat. Featuring a contour waistband, split hems, and two hidden pockets for your valuables, this breathable fabric will keep you cool and dry during exercise while the adjustable waistband makes adjusting to fit your body type easy. Their tight-fitting design prevents water pooling in your leg for maximum comfort while swimming laps.


Zeroxposur is a performance apparel brand offering outerwear, swimwear and accessories to the entire family. Their gear is tailored for any weather condition and makes outdoor activities easier with each product inspired by street culture and mountain lifestyles. Furthermore, Zeroxposur embraces innovation through fashion with fashion leading function as the driving force.

Women’s Sporty Short Bottom is an ideal solution for high-intensity workouts, featuring a built-in brief designed to reduce belly grabbing and chafing during exercises. Crafted from soft stretch fabric that conforms to most body types, these shorts also come in a wide variety of colors to keep you cool and dry during workouts – ideal for active women looking for maximum ventilation during their training session!

Men’s 3 in 1 Winter Jacket is an excellent option for cold weather activities, featuring an adjustable waistband to secure a secure and snug fit that won’t droop in wind or snow, an attached hood to keep hair and rain off of your face, fleece gaiters to keep wrists warm, and an attached hood for protecting from hair/rain/cold.

ZeroXposur Girl’s One Piece Swimsuit is an excellent option for any active girl. Crafted from soft stretch fabric that comfortably conforms to most body types and featuring an attractive racerback design. Furthermore, this suit comes equipped with a functional belly pad for minimal sagging as well as a front pocket for small items such as keys.


Zeroxposur offers an expansive selection of outdoor apparel. Their products include jackets for both men and women made of quality fabrics that offer comfort, warmth, affordability, and features that add value.

The X-Proof jacket is an ultra-compressible, warm, and cozy garment suitable for many body sizes. Crafted from lightweight recycled materials, its lightweight shell makes this perfect for cold weather hiking and skiing trips – not to mention featuring a hood, adjustable hem length and front zip pockets to keep out wind. Also great as an additional base layer or midlayer!

Fill power and weight are both crucial elements when evaluating a jacket’s warmth. In general, lower fill power ratings tend to provide greater insulation; however this doesn’t always hold true; fill weight is just as influential since it directly affects how much warm air gets trapped within each down strand.

The Cerium SV jacket is an ultralight yet high-performing garment with incredible warmth-to-weight ratio. Constructed with thin 10 denier fabric, making it both light and warm for its size, we highly recommend the Cerium SV for hiking on well-maintained trails or warming up between alpine climbs with minimal chimneying; however it may not be suitable for off-trail bushwhacking or any alpine climbing that involves chimneying.