Guest Room Makeover: 10 Ideas to Make Your Guests Feel at Home

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Having guests can be a bit demanding; being placed in a position of responsibility for someone else’s comfort, happiness, and expectations is no easy task. But to help you with such an ordeal is simply the formula of overpreparation. Suppose your guest room is well-equipped to cover almost every aspect or essentials that your visitors might need. In that case, it will considerably ease or eradicate your acute anxious concerns about having some guests over. Let your guest room manage that burden for you so that you can focus more on the social requirement that your guest expects from their host.  

Here are some ways you can revamp your guest room:


The guest room will be most comfortable if guests will have an extra sense of security within the comforts of their chamber. Provide your guests a means of communication: a list of emergency hotlines, your family’s phone numbers, and of course, the Wi-Fi password. 

Also, don’t forget the universal sockets for their phones and other devices. Not only will the guests recharge from the weary journey, wherever they come from, but their gadgets will also be recharging with them.

Fresh Sheets  

It’s a fundamental protocol, and all clothing materials should be regularly washed and cleaned. Hygiene, as we know, is mutually exclusive to health. Keep the guest room spotless and tidy; such is the ultimate expression of caring for your guests.

A Study 

Wouldn’t it be convenient to anticipate your guests’ need for a quiet little space or table for reading, working, or lounge? It could be a humble coffee table or a traditional Chabudai, a Japanese short-legged table to give off the aroma of cultural calmness and tranquility. 


In many hotel rooms, guests are provided with mini toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, toilet paper, and towels. But this is your home, and you’re allowed to go the extra mile. Provide regular-sized toiletries and cases for contact lenses or eyeglasses. To keep the atmosphere calm and relaxing, throw in a few scented candles, lotions, and additional essential makeup kits. In addition, hand sanitizer, extra soap, baby wipes, extra diapers for babies, tampons, and sanitary napkins are necessary. It would be best to book a plumbing service to check on your guest room’s bathroom before your guests arrive.


Guests want to know the tourist spots and restaurants in the area, so you must create a customized brochure tailored to your specific guests. It must be complete with all the leisure places you think your guests might be interested in. If your guests are vegetarians, then there’s no need to include restaurants that serve meat. 

A First Aid Kit  

Whether it’s needed or not, a first aid kit must be available at all times. It can be a well-ordered first aid kit or a kit that would cater to all possible scenarios that you can think of. 

The location of this kit can be situated in a way that blends to your style or the room’s aesthetics, but it is of utmost importance to never compromise the accessibility of the kit. 


When it comes to decor, minimalistic is the new aesthetic. At best, if you decide to place a decoration, it will be lovely to have your decorations not limited to pleasing the eyes but would also be functional and a contributing presence to the overall scenery. Lamps, for example, are decorative furniture, yet it also illuminates which makes it a practical add-on. 

Little Activities 

Your guests will, in most cases, linger or take their time to be comfortable in the new environment they’re in. The first night would be an adjustment period. The anticipation of such a possibility would be enough for you to leave some exciting things or little games to help your guest while away their time.  

It could be a book or a magazine, a little chess board or scrabble, easy board games, playing cards, the most recent newspaper. Your creative imagination can think of so much more, and depending on how well you know your guests, you can put things that you most likely know they would like. 

An outdoor view 

Depending on your guest room’s architectural plausibility and location, you may want to give your guests easy access to the natural environment and air. It should not be just a window that they can close and open at will, but more like a door that opens up to a private alfresco or your home’s charming garden. 

Empty cabinets 

The idea is to make your guests feel at home, so it means that it would be their home, a comfortable space they can call theirs. Settling down in a place filled with various belongings is a strange experience. Such would alienate your guests from the feeling at home.  

It would be most convenient for your honored guests to fill their rooms themselves with their belongings. So empty the cabinets, closets, drawers, cupboards, tables, storage boxes, and other flat surfaces. 

The most creative way when revamping your guest room is to place yourself in the shoes of your guest. What are the things and accommodations you would want to have ready for you as a guest yourself? Though people may vary in many other ways, the ideal expectations for comfort are pretty universal. If you’re able and willing, you can provide for and give your guests the ease you want to experience. 

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