How can you Spend Holiday with your Family on Singapore Cruise?

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Holidays are one of the essential things that every family must plan once a year. Not only it provides some quality time to spend but also helps in connecting with each other again. If you are confused about what your holiday should be like this year, we have a plan for you, book the Singapore Cruise HolidayIf you want to experience the cruise journey under the deep blue sky, book a cruise journey in Singapore. 

Roaming Routes is a popular travel agency that designs special tailor-made Singapore family tour package, for solo travelers and honeymoon couples. With a wide range of itineraries, you can select your ideal package to go on a dream vacation to Singapore. 

Why booking a Singapore cruise for the family can be the best idea

Singapore is a city whose name comes at the top of the world’s best holiday destinations. And when you have time to visit the city and explore the place on a grand cruise, what more do you want? Imagine yourself on a deck of an elegant cruise with water till your eyes go with islands and a beautiful sky. Sounds magical, right? It is indeed. 

Booking an India to Singapore cruise is best for family holidays, and your family will enjoy a fun time on the cruise, enjoy indoor sports, fancy dinner under the sky, and many more. And when you get no worries about packing and unpacking again, you save a lot of time and hassle as well. You will also explore some exotic places, for example, Bali and Phuket during your cruise journey. In short, a cruise journey will give you time to have fun with your family. 

Ticket prices of Singapore cruise

People mainly choose cruise journeys for opulent stays and exotic vacations. And that’s why they are a bit costly as well. Generally, the ticket prices of a Singapore Cruise per day costs around Rs. 20,000 to 25,000 per person. While the charges might vary from the type of cruise you choose, like Dream, Caribbean, or Princess. 

The prices for booking a Singapore cruise holiday vary from package to package depending upon your inclusions, duration, and timings. Roaming Routes- the best travel agent in India offers a variety of itineraries with unique prices.

How to book Singapore Cruise

If you want to book Singapore Cruise to get on the most happening and thrilling family vacation, visit Roaming Routes. If you are in Singapore, you can see the website to book your international water journey through the cruise. There are two docking ports in the city – Singapore Cruise Center and Marina Bay Cruise. Any person who wants to book a cruise can visit one of the cruise centers for booking. 

Singapore Cruise Centre

You can visit the website of Roaming Routes to explore the Singapore Cruise packages with different itineraries and costs. They also have a special Singapore cruise with a family package with inclusions like fun activities, fancy dinners and sports. 

Best cruises in Singapore

Cruising is one of the most luxurious and popular activities that people prefer to do in Singapore. The city has the largest ports in Asia and takes you to the vast exotic Asian and Southeast destinations in a grand cruise.  

The city has two cruise centers- Marina Bay Cruise and Singapore Cruise Center, from where you can choose your ideal option. Here we will share with you some best cruises in Singapore to help you choose your perfect cruise partner during the Singapore holiday:

1. Dream Cruise

Dream Cruise

Formerly known as Star Cruises, this popular cruise gets its famed because of its luxurious Asian royal nature to the people Dream Cruise’s vessel- the Genting Dream is a palace on propellers that justifies the service they gave. European style cabins, lavish lounge, swimming pool, spa, complimentary gourmet meals are some of the dream cruises. 

If you want to embark on your cruise journey in a royal and fancy way, Dream Cruise is just perfect for this. 

Per Day price to stay: Rs 17,480 per person

2. Royal Caribbean International 

Royal Caribbean International |

Just as its name suggests, Singapore cruise royal Caribbean is an international and most luxurious cruise for sailing in the Marina Bay Center. This artwork has deluxe-ultra-deluxe rooms, artificial pools with a 40-ft wave stimulator, ice-skating rink, rock-climbing walls, and outdoor Solarium that makes it ideal for a fun journey. 

Caribbean International provides inclusion that is ideal for a family trip to Singapore to have a fun time with children and your better half. 

Per Day price to stay: Rs. 14,885/- per person

3. Princes Cruise 

Cruise Ship

Princess Cruise is the only one that is awarded as “The Best Cruise Line in Asia. The reason why it is amongst the top is the diversity of packages that it offers to visitors. You can book a 3-Days package to a 15-21 Days package for short or long trips to any nearby Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand locations. 

Depending upon your budget- you can choose your ideal cruise with the inclusions you like during your visit. 

Per Day price to stay: Rs. 18,607/- per person 


A cruise journey is the best way to get along during holidays as it is the most fun, thrilling and adventurous way to spend your vacation. Visiting places by cruise, enjoying serene views of water & sky, indoor sports, fun activities are things that only a cruise journey offers tourists. In short, if you want to give your family the best vacation time to remember for a lifetime, take them on a cruise journey to Singapore.

Visit Roaming Routes to know more holiday Singapore Cruise holidays and packages to book your ideal holiday now.  

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