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While you can be extra careful on the road to avoid accidents, even the most cautious road users sometimes find themselves in unavoidable situations. It is normal to be confused and traumatized immediately after a motorcycle accident, but knowing what to do can help you stay put.

Get to safety

When involved in a motorcycle accident, first analyze your surroundings and current situation. Are you in safety? Do you risk more harm? How badly injured are you? If you are in good condition, remove yourself from harm’s way out of the traffic. However, please do not run away from the scene because it may implicate you, and it is also an offense. If other people are involved, check if they are injured and call the ambulance. Ensure you assess the situation before doing anything.

Do not remove your gear.

It is never advisable to take off your helmet or any other gear after a motorcycle crash until the medical professionals arrive at the scene. You may have suffered head injuries or fractures, and removing the gear may exacerbate them. There is also a good chance that you are in shock, and adrenaline prevents you from feeling the injuries; therefore, you should stay put and wait for the emergency team to arrive.

Call the police

No matter how minor a motorcycle accident is, calling the police to document it is crucial. The police report comes in handy when pursuing a personal injury claim. When giving your statement, avoid speculating. When asked if you have suffered any injuries, it is advisable to say you are unsure even if you feel okay until you get a complete medical examination. In motorcycle accidents, internal injuries are common and may take several hours or days to manifest.

Collect evidence

It is advisable to collect evidence before you leave the accident scene. Collect the details of the parties involved, take pictures and videos of the scene, and ensure you capture the road and weather conditions. You can swap the insurance and contact information with the other motorist involved for later reference. If there are witnesses, ask for their details as they may be helpful during investigations.

Seek medical attention

Your health comes first, and the next thing you should do is seek a complete medical examination after the accident. Even if you feel okay, you may have suffered internal injuries that can be diagnosed through a medical exam. Furthermore, seeking medical attention immediately puts you on the safe side if you pursue a personal injury claim for the injuries.

Speak with a motorcycle attorney

The sooner you consult a motorcycle attorney, the better. When it comes to pursuing a motorcycle accident claim, having an attorney by your side makes all the difference. It is important to consult them before accepting any settlement, speaking with an insurance adjuster, or signing any agreement with the insurance company. Visit this site to find out how a motorcycle accident attorney can help your case.


It is wise to set yourself up for success by engaging a motorcycle accident attorney after a motorcycle accident.

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