Things To Know When Applying To Study In USA

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There are more than 4000 colleges and universities across the US. These attract close to 10,000 international students around the year. At least that was the case pre-pandemic.

With the new normal settling in soon, though, the level of international admissions across US universities is bound to hit the prior levels soon. However, as a student in the US, you must understand a few basic things besides essentials such as flying school cost or stuff around education in this land of dreams.

 You Will Adjust SOON 

Well, nobody prepares you for the perfect setting when you migrate to the USA as a student. No matter how many people you know in the new country or how many hack videos you see, you will need to be in the country. You can adapt to the culture gradually. The states in the USA vary greatly both culturally and socially. Therefore, once you join the culture, you will be able to adjust to the same.


When you land in the US, a missing piece of paper might be big trouble for you. After all, this is not your homeland where you have backup means to sail through documentation issues. As an international student, your documentation must always be in the right place in the USA. 

Keep Track Of Laws

Never frame an idea of the culture in the USA work-wise or study-wise, based on your exposure to movies and shows from this land. You need to be aware of the legalities and the normal here. For instance, take note of the legal drinking age first before you let your hair down on the weekend. To understand how the system of taxes works and how traffic operates. Understand the standard medical norms and the processes to access prescription medicines. Avail valid insurance though for your University years since medical or healthcare costs in the USA is one of the highest globally. 

Pay Taxes Or File Them (At least)

As a student, even if you are on a part-time job, you are bound to file and pay taxes when applicable. This is part of your student visa agreement too. You need to remember that even if you do not earn anything but are still just a student, you need to file a return with the IRS, as per the norms in the USA.

There’s Help Available

On-campus, you have access to ample resources that will help you keep your sanity intact as a student. From freshman parties to orientation to counseling support-international students have a lot of support in place. You even have access to assistance around financial aids, documentation, and so on. Basically, as an international student, you do not get to be the centerpiece targeted racially or bullied–as the common notion is! When in need, you must ask! Help is just around the corner.


You need a bank account for so many different purposes that this could be a whole article to gobble up. You need to sail through the rough path of getting a social security number and getting an account activated, even as a student. It would help if you got in touch with the bank to understand the details and inner workings.

 Summing Up

Ensure that you have confidence in place when you migrate into the USA for educational purposes. There are high chances that you choose to settle down here since the culture is easy to adapt to. When there are creases, those are sorted along the way. Even your native land offers challenges galore despite being your motherland.

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